What Is A Fire Watch Security Guard – And Why You Would Need One


For some, it could be their first time hearing that there is a fire watch security guard. Most people are used to only hear about standard security guards – where they take care of the overall security to where they are working with. In this article, let us know more who fire watch guards really are adn why you might need to hire one.

What is a fire watch security guard?

A fire watch guard is a qualified and experienced specialist that can be hired to monitor a building, venue, or estate for fire dangers. As mentioned, they differ from standard security guards where they manage and handle the ‘general’ safety and coordination. On the other hand, fire watch security guards focus on the safety of everyone by preventing fires from happening. They are usually highly trained and certified by specific authorities or accredited training centers to perform their duties and responsibilities.

Their service usually includes patrolling the area in regular intervals, inspecting possible areas or equipment, keep logs, and respond appropriately during an emergency. They may not have the capacity to extinguish it, but they can execute precautionary measures to minimize the damage brought out by fires. Still, they are a great help in minimizing liability, property damage, and death.

Will we need to hire one?

If you still don’t see the importance of having a fire watch security guard at this point, the pointers below will help you identify the need to hire one.

1. Non-functioning alarm system

Remember that local authorities have laws or ordinances when it comes to non-functioning alarm systems. Whether it is just being installed, replaced, or repaired – you will be required to get the service of a fire watch guard. Don’t worry, they can be hired for tasks that can be finished in a short period of time. There are many fire watch security agencies that will not force you to take long-term contracts when you only need them for this purpose.

2. Where fires is most likely to happen

There are many business operations that require the staff to be extra careful, as they are dealing with materials or operations that are highly combustible or flammable. One example would be those businesses that manufacture or deals with chemicals. Another one would be clothing factories, as they deal with fabrics that can easily spread the fire.

3. Problem with the building’s water supply.

If the fire fighting equipment in your workplace or store is dependent on a water sprinkler, hiring a fire watch security guard (or a team) is a great help. They will help minimize the risk of fire from occurring while the water supply is being fixed. This is recommended especially when it will take days before the supply will be up and running.

Many may not realize the importance of hiring this kind of guard. Some business owners may only realize the need to hire them when they already experienced a fire in the past. Contact a fire watch agency now before it is too late, like the services being offered by The Fast Fire Watch Co. They have fire watch guards that are highly trained and certified, making sure that the business is safe from this unfortunate event.

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