When to Expect Every Planet’s Retrograde Periods In 2022. Yes, Including Mercury

When to Expect Every Planet’s Retrograde Periods In 2022. Yes, Including Mercury

Bestie, I’m afraid to tell you this, but it’s not just Mercury retrograde you have to worry about. OK, that’s a little dramatic, but the truth is, every planet moves retrograde at a certain point. And much like the dreaded Mercury retrograde, each planet’s retrograde period can have IRL implications, according to astrology. This isn’t a reason to freak out and hide in your apartment forever. Rather, knowing what planets are retrograde can give you one way to make sense of what might be going on in your life.

If, say, during Mercury retrograde, it feels like everything in your life is riddled with setbacks and slowing down to a screeching halt, that’s understandable. In fact, the term “retrograde” refers to the illusion created by planets in their retrograde periods, during which the planet’s orbit around the sun makes it appear to be slowing down and moving backward. In astrology, retrogrades are essentially periods during which your life might slow down significantly, prompting you to revisit certain themes or struggles, depending on which planet is retrograde and what that planet governs in astrology. For example, Mercury is said to influence communication and logic — an enormous part of our day-to-day life. When Mercury moves retrograde, the planet isn’t moving forward or operating at its fullest potential, meaning you might experience some mishaps in these areas. Another example: when the planet of love, money, and pleasure, Venus, is retrograde, in can shed light on financial or relationship difficulties you may be dealing with at the moment.

Because every planet is retrograde at different points and for different lengths of time, keeping track of them all yourself can be daunting. Ahead, find a list of all the planets that are retrograde in 2022. This way, you can have a bird’s-eye view of what planets are retrograde at all times and when to cut yourself some slack.

Mercury Retrograde 2022 Dates

This is the most notorious retrograde of them all. If you find things going wrong left and right (especially as far as technology, communication, and travel are concerned), you’ll probably end up wondering, “what planet is retrograde right now?!” — and the answer will probably be “Mercury.” In 2022, Mercury retrograde occurs four times throughout the year, with each retrograde period lasting a few weeks at a time.

  • Jan. 14 to Feb. 3
  • May 10 to June 3
  • Sept. 10 to Oct. 2
  • Dec. 29 to Jan. 18, 2023

Venus Retrograde 2022 Dates

Venus only moves retrograde once every 18 months, although it lasts for about six weeks, give or take. When this planet is retrograde, you can expect to feel it in your love life, personal values, beauty, and finances. Here’s when to expect Venus retrograde in 2022.

  • Dec. 19, 2021, to Jan. 29, 2022

Mars Retrograde 2022 Dates

Mars represents action, physicality, and sex in astrology and is often associated with high energy levels and aggression — so when this planet is retrograde, you can expect to feel dips in your libido, energy level, and motivation. Mars retrograde occurs about every two years, lasting for a period of a couple months. You can expect Mars retrograde toward the end of 2022.

Jupiter Retrograde 2022 Dates

Jupiter is the planet associated with luck, good fortune, and expansion. When this planet is retrograde, it can prompt a lot of self-reflection and philosophizing, as it nudges you to see the big picture. Jupiter is retrograde once a year, and its slow retrograde period lasts for about four months, or 120 days.

Saturn Retrograde 2022 Dates

A slightly difficult planet, Saturn governs all things related to structure and discipline. As such, when this planet is retrograde, it offers up reality checks that help promote personal growth. Saturn retrograde also occurs annually, for a period of a little over four months. Get ready to restructure your life during the 2022 Saturn retrograde.

Uranus Retrograde 2022 Dates

Uranus is a bit of a wildcard in astrology. It’s known for ushering in rebellious, free-spirited energy and unexpected shakeups. Although it technically starts a new retrograde period annually, Uranus retrograde periods can occur twice in the same year because of how long they last (about five months).

  • Aug. 19, 2021, to Jan. 18, 2022
  • Aug. 24, 2022, to Jan. 23, 2023

Neptune Retrograde 2022 Dates

Whimsical Neptune is said to rule our ideals and dreams. When this planet is retrograde, it’s not too dramatic; rather, it presents a time to reflect and revise your dreams and creativity. Neptune is retrograde about once a year, with its slow period spanning a little more than five months.

Pluto Retrograde 2022 Dates

Although science likes to exclude Pluto as a true planet, astrology doesn’t. This small planet carries a heavy weight, governing death, rebirth, and transformation — and when it’s retrograde, it asks you to challenge you to check in with and address any toxic, negative, and self-destructive behaviors and beliefs. Pluto retrograde can last between five and six months and comes around once a year.

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