Yup, You Can Stay in Monica and Rachel’s NYC Apartment From Friends For Just $20!

Yup, You Can Stay in Monica and Rachel’s NYC Apartment From Friends For Just !

Monica and Rachel’s NYC apartment on Friends was the heart of the show, and now in honor of its highly anticipated reunion (or just because), you can book an overnight stay in the nostalgic space for you and a friend for up to two nights! Yup, we’re talking a full 24 to 48 hours that involves peeking through Monica’s purple door, lounging on Joey’s recliner, hanging out in Monica and Rachel’s living room, and grabbing a morning cup of coffee at Central Perk! And before you say, “OH MY GAWD” (in Janice’s voice), it doesn’t stop there — the experience, which is located in NYC, also entails set recreations, costumes from the show, and opportunities to relive famous scenes like the doomed sofa pivot and the famous Thanksgiving turkey dance.

If this all sounds too good to be true, we swear it’s not, because it gets even better: an overnight stay costs just $19.94 per night (in honor of Friends‘s 1994 release date) — that’s it! To get in on the action, make sure to visit Bookings.com on Friday, May 21 at 10 a.m. ET for a chance to book one of the overnights available on Sunday, May 23, or Monday, May 24. And if you can’t snag an overnight stay, the Friends Experience is open year round, so you can still check it out.

Prepare for a night full of nostalgia, laughs, and lots of good photographs (did we not mention you also get a private tour with a photographer to capture you recreating all the iconic moments? Cause there’s that too). Keep reading to see more of where you could be staying!
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