14 Latine-Owned Foodie Gifts For the Home Cook in Your Life

14 Latine-Owned Foodie Gifts For the Home Cook in Your Life

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Sala season is chock-full of rituals, but some are definitely better than others. Sure, dressing up in your even-better-than-Sunday-best is exciting, as is seeing your favorite cousins crammed onto your tía’s antique couch for yet another family photo shoot. Ultimately, no matter how your family celebrates, one thing we can all look forward to is sharing a good meal together. Food, after all, is essential at any Latine gathering.

As a child, I remember eating my mother’s homemade empanadas bursting with rich dulce de leche, lovingly hand-shucked corn tamales boiled to perfection by my abuela, and the savory spit-roasted pig my tíos painstakingly prepared and seasoned over the course of several days. Food, as it is for many Latines both in the States and abroad, is integral to how we celebrate any holiday. Making meals together is a time-intensive bonding experience, for sure, but sharing good food with your loved ones is the best part of any dish or dinner.

This year, share the seasonal cheer and joy of food as a love language just a little further by shopping these culinary products from Latine-owned businesses. Whether you’re just helping out with tying the tamales or pasteles or this is your seventh year single-handedly preparing buñuelos for a party of 30 or more people, this list has a gift for any foodie, novice or not. From a tostonera that’ll impress even the most skeptical abuela to a cookbook that will surely facilitate your next taco Tuesday attempt, this gift guide of spices, tools, and seasonings is sure to please any food enthusiast in your life.

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