14 Lip Plumpers That Give You a Fuller Look Without the Needles

14 Lip Plumpers That Give You a Fuller Look Without the Needles

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Over the last few years, pouty lips have become a feature many people strive for, and the beauty industry has answered with a variety of different solutions. There are more long-term options, like lip injections and “tweakments” such as “butterfly” lips, but there are also temporary fixes, like overlining your lips with lip liner and other makeup hacks that go viral on TikTok. Whatever the method, the end goal is always to accentuate the mouth.

If you’re looking to achieve fuller looking lips without turning to an invasive treatment like lip blushing or dermal filler, lip plumpers are a great alternative.

“Lip plumpers aim to give a temporary bee-stung look to the lips without the discomfort of [injections] and the risks and side effects that go along with that,” Shari Marchbein, MD, clinical dermatologist, previously told POPSUGAR. “Many traditional lip plumpers use various ingredients that irritate the delicate skin of the lips to produce a noticeable increase in lip volume.”

Countless beauty brands have created glosses and balms filled with hydrating ingredients to boost suppleness, as well as plumping agents, like cinnamon and peppermint oil, to give you that fullness you crave. While the results don’t last long, you can reapply them any time you want.

Still, not all plumpers are created equal. So if you’re looking for the best of the best, keep reading to find the best lip plumpers on the market to help you get that full lip look.

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