Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer’s Steamy Romance Is on Display in “Fellow Travelers” Teaser

Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer’s Steamy Romance Is on Display in “Fellow Travelers” Teaser

Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer’s romantic period drama has had fans swooning since it was announced. The handsome actors star in the Showtime limited series “Fellow Travelers,” set in Washington DC in the 20th century and based on Thomas Mallon’s novel of the same name. A brief teaser trailer released on June 1 finally offered little glimpses of Bailey and Bomer as the secret lovers, including a quick shot of them shirtless in bed together.

Bailey will portray Tim Laughlin, a young Fordham University graduate who’s committed to his religious beliefs, while Bomer will play Hawkins Fuller, a charismatic State Department official who avoids relationships until meeting Tim. “Girls” alum Allison Williams is also set to star as Lucy Smith, the daughter of a senator and a longtime friend of Hawkins.

Showtime describes the eight-episode series as “an epic love story and political thriller, chronicling the volatile romance of two very different men who meet in the shadow of McCarthy-era Washington.” Hawkins and Tim’s relationship begins just as US Senator Joseph McCarthy and prosecutor Roy Cohn declare war on “subversives and sexual deviants,” and it blossoms as the characters cross paths over the course of four decades — starting in the 1950s, at Vietnam War protests in the 1960s, and later on during the AIDS crisis of the ’80s.

It’s clear Bailey and Bomer are ecstatic to be starring in the romantic miniseries together. Shortly after their casting news broke on July 11, 2022, Bomer shared a message with fans on Instagram, writing, “I’ve been holding this one close to the vest for a minute. I could not be more excited to be sharing the experience of Fellow Travelers with an actor I respect and admire more than I can say, @jbayleaf. And the brilliant Allison Williams @aw ! I’m so grateful that this story is in their hands -and I can’t wait to tell it along side them.” Meanwhile, Bailey wrote on Instagram, “Epic story. Incredible team. THRILLED to be on board,” to which Bomer commented, “So excited and grateful to be working with you in this!”

“Fellow Travelers” began production in Toronto last year. Both actors have packed schedules in 2023. Bailey will return as Anthony Bridgerton for “Bridgerton” season three sometime in the (hopefully) near future. Bomer’s recent projects include superhero series “Doom Patrol,” Netflix film “The Boys in the Band,” and crime-drama series “The Sinner.” Start mentally preparing now for the off-the-charts chemistry Bailey and Bomer are sure to bring to their upcoming miniseries.

“Fellow Travelers” Trailer

“Fellow Travelers” Release Date

According to Entertainment Weekly, the series will be released sometime this fall.

“Fellow Travelers” Cast

In addition to Bailey, Bomer, and Williams, Jelani Alladin and Noah Ricketts also appear in “Fellow Travelers.”

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