47 Witch Quotes to Help You Get in Touch With Your Magickal Side

47 Witch Quotes to Help You Get in Touch With Your Magickal Side

Whether you’re exploring witchcraft as a spiritual path or simply rewatching The Craft for the 12th time, it’s always a good time to read about witches. Real-life or fictional, witches have captivated our cultural imagination for literally millennia.

The concept of witchcraft has existed for at least as long as recorded history. Witches appear in the religious texts, mythology, and folk tales around the world. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the English word “witch” is derived from the Old English word “wicce.”

According to Quartz, we’re currently in the midst of a resurgence of witchcraft in the United States. A 2014 Pew Research Center survey found that 0.4 percent of Americans, or around 1.5 million Americans, identify as Wiccan, pagan, or “other new age groups”—around double the number who identified this way a decade earlier. Wicca and paganism aren’t the only spiritual paths in which followers may identify as witches, however. People who follow certain spiritual traditions, such as brujería, may (or may not) identify as witches.

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Read on for Some Witchy Quotes to Inspire You

Witch Quotes from Movies

“Flip the switch and let the cauldron bubble.” — Practical Magic

“I be the witch of the wood.” — The Witch

“Relax, it’s only magic.” —The Craft

“There’s a little witch in all of us.” —Practical Magic

“You’d think they’d never seen a girl and a cat on a broom before.” Kiki’s Delivery Service

“The day he left me was the day I died. But then I was reborn as a witch.” —The Love Witch

“Like others before me, I have the gift of sight. But the truth changes color, depending on the light. And tomorrow can be clearer than yesterday.” —Eve’s Bayou

“You’ve always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself.” The Wizard of Oz

Witch Quotes from TV Shows

“Remember, ‘Peace on earth, goodwill to men’ includes witches.” — Bewitched

“What’s the matter? I have to be a witch, I have to be a mortal, I have to be a teenager, and I have to be a girl all at the same time. That’s what’s the matter.” —Sabrina the Teenage Witch

“I am a witch. A real house-haunting, broom-riding, cauldron-stirring witch.” —Bewitched

“The day we found magic, I thought we were going to change the world.” —Charmed

“You girls need to learn to fight. When witches don’t fight, we burn.” —American Horror Story: Coven

“It’s impossible and it’s true. I’m a witch.” —The Vampire Diaries

“The magicks I used are very powerful. I’m very powerful. And maybe it’s not such a good idea for you to piss me off.” —Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Witch Quotes from Books and Plays

“A witch does not need to fix problems. She fixes the energy around problems. Then the problems fix themselves.” — Embracing Your Inner Witch: The Maidens Guide to Old World Witchcraft, by Dacha Avalin

“Magic comes from what is inside you. It is part of you. You can’t weave together a spell that you don’t believe in.” — The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher

“For all you know, a witch may be living next door to you right now.” — The Witches, by Roald Dahl

“Witches were a bit like cats. They didn’t much like one another’s company, but they did like to know where all the other witches were, just in case they needed them.” —A Hat Full of Sky, by Terry Pratchett

“Do not take juju lightly, unless you are looking for unexpected death.” —Akata Warrior, by Nnendi Okorafor

“Those of you who have read my tale up till now must be wondering who is this witch devoid of hatred, who is misled each time by the wickedness in men’s hearts? For the nth time I made up my mind to be different and fight it out tooth and nail. But how to work a change in my heart and coat its lining with snake venom?” —I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem, by Maryse Condé

“When I was born, the word for what I was did not exist.” Circe, by Madeleine Miller

“She ate the stars and swallowed the earth / She is the girl with all the power.” —Labyrinth Lost, by Zoraida Córdova

“’Tis now the very witching time of night, when churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out contagion to this world.” —Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

“Witches don’t look like anything. Witches are. Witches do.” —Chime, by Franny Billingsley

Quotes About Witches and Feminism

“The witch is undoubtedly the magical woman, the liberated woman, and the persecuted woman, but she can also be everywoman.” — Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive, by Kristen J. Sollee

“Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a witch.” — In the Night Garden, by Catherynne M. Valente

“I think that all women are witches, in the sense that a witch is a magical being.” —Yoko Ono

“The witch is the ultimate embodiment of the divine feminine—and the demon feminine. She has as many faces as the Moon, so regardless of your background, there is an iteration for you.” —Kristen J. Sollée

“Words such as ‘witch’ have been redefined in the light of their true origin and nature. Instead of the evil, dried-out, old prude of patriarchal lore, we know the witch to be a strong, proud woman, wise in the ways of natural medicine. We know her as a self-confident freedom fighter, defending her right to her own sexuality and her right to govern her life and community according to the laws of nature. We know that she was slandered, oppressed, and burned alive for her wisdom and her defiance of patriarchal rule.” —Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals, by Luisah Teish

“The whole concept of witches was that women were speaking up for themselves and fighting for their rights. The whole concept of witchcraft came into play to hold down women and women’s empowerment.” —Mädchen Amick

“‘Witch’ is something we call a woman who demands the benefit of the doubt, who speaks the truth, who punctures the con, who kills your joy if your joy is killing.” —The Witches Are Coming, by Lindy West

“If the broom / fits the witch / it is time to / ride it / act up / resist.” —The Yerbamala Collective

Quotes From Real-Life Witches

“You are the most powerful tool in your life. Use your energy, your thoughts, and your magick wisely!” — Embracing Your Inner Witch: The Maidens Guide to Old World Witchcraft, by Dacha Avalin

“A witch is a woman who worships herself as her own god. She is the creator of her own life, healer of herself.” — Maura Dillon

“Love for life in all its forms is the basic ethic of Witchcraft.” —The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Goddess, by Starhawk

“Being a witch means living in this world consciously, powerfully, and unapologetically.” —Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft, by Gabriela Herstik

“The first time I called myself a witch was the most magical moment of my life.” —Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America, by Margot Adler

“Being a Witch gives you the power to heal yourself, change your life, change your world, and conjure your every dream.” —Witchery: Embrace the Witch Within, by Juliet Diaz

“Witches exist throughout space and time. Witchcraft brings together the magical people throughout the world for the shared goals of justice, liberation, and celebration of the life force of the earth.” —Initiated, by Amanda Yates Garcia

“At the core, brujería and witchcraft are healing arts. As a bruja, I want to teach people the positive sides of witchcraft and brujería and how they can help you change your life.” —Valeria Ruelas

“Witches are the original activists. Any time you have something that has to do with empowerment and being free and being wild and being who you are, there’s definitely going to be some opposition to that.” —Bri Luna, The Hoodwitch

“Look: All your powers are already inside you. A witch is simply someone aware of their power and not afraid to use it to get what they want.” —Sex Witch: Magickal Spells for Love, Lust, and Self-Protection, by Sophie Saint Thomas

“Witchcraft is weird, wild, and hard to define.” —Revolutionary Witchcraft: A Guide to Magical Activism, by Sarah Lyons

“When I say witchcraft is a spirituality, I mean it is a spiritual path. You walk it for nourishment of the soul, to commune with the life force of the universe, and to thereby better know your own life.” —The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation, and Psychic Development, by Christopher Penczak

“The only thing you need to get started down the path of magic is yourself. Your power is hidden within, waiting to be tapped into, and practicing magic will give you the ability to heal and change yourself and the world.” —The Spell Book for New Witches: Essential Spells to Change Your Life, by Ambrosia Hawthorne

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