“Alice Cullen Hair” is Trending — 15 Years Post-“Twilight”

“Alice Cullen Hair” is Trending — 15 Years Post-“Twilight”

If you also grew up within the grips of Stephanie Meyer, you likely divide your life into two parts: pre-and-post “Twilight.” Though the hype of the franchise died down somewhere in 2012 after the release of “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” it’s always fun to see how interest fluctuates. Recently you may have been seeing quite a few pictures of Ashley Greene’s character, Alice Cullen, on your For-You page with people recreating her signature hairstyle on the franchise. Yes, that’s 15 years post its release.

“Alice Cullen hair” has been trending on Google and TikTok, thanks in part to creators on Instagram like Snitchery and TikTok’s Kayla Noel, whose daughter went viral for her version of the cut. With the latter’s video reaching over 11 million views, this cut is now a certified trend and of course, we brought in the professionals to explain how you can get the shorter haircut just in time for the last few weeks of summer.

What Is “Alice Cullen Hair?”

“‘Alice Cullen hair’ is a type of shag haircut,” Salon SCK hairstylist, Devin Toth, tells POPSUGAR. “When the cut doesn’t have as much product in it, it’s reminiscent of the styles worn by Meg Ryan in ‘You’ve Got Mail’ and by Barry Watson from ‘Seventh Heaven’.” However, the main difference between the “Alice Cullen” cut and those hairstyles, is that it has shorter pieces and angles in the front.

Why Is “Alice Cullen Hair” Trending?

“Alice Cullen hair” is particularly popular not only because shorter hair tends to trend in the summer , but also because it’s extremely versatile. “This hairstyle has shorter layers than your average layered haircut,” Toth says. “Additionally, it has an androgynous element to it because it is both boxy and contains angles, therefore anyone can wear it.”

This cut may also remind you of another hairstyle that was trending heavily a few months ago. “It is basically a shorter version of the wolf cut, which definitely contributes to its popularity,” Toth says. “People are taking a style that they already love but a going a little bit shorter.”

How to Get “Alice Cullen Hair”

There are numerous versions of this hairstyle, but to get the one that spiky version that Alice wore in the movie specifically, there are some steps you should definitely take. “The bottom length of the hair in the back needs to fall at or just below your chin,” Toth says. “To get the spiky look, flip out the layers with a round brush, curling iron or even a flat iron, then set it with a product that holds the hair in place such as hairspray, wax or paste.” Once you’ve primped to your heart’s content, you’ll have achieved the Alice Cullen hair of your dreams.

This hairstyle is one only of the numerous Y2K beauty trends making its way back to mainstream culture. As shocked as you may be that the trend cycle now includes looks from the parts of your childhood that you can remember, you can now re-live you “Twilight” faze without anyone judging you, so who’s the real winner here?

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