Andy Cohen Addresses Criticism on How He Handles Stars’ Weight Loss

Andy Cohen Addresses Criticism on How He Handles Stars’ Weight Loss

Andy Cohen is responding to complaints he has received about how he reacts to Real Housewives cast members losing weight, specifically when it comes to the use of drugs to shed pounds.

Talking with Evan Ross Katz for TODAY, the 55-year-old Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen host said he has heard the backlash some fans have voiced over his controversial choice to praise Housewives for use of Ozempic during an episode of his show earlier this year

“Dolo, you look thin. Ozempi?” he said to Real Housewives of New Jersey personality Dolores Catania earlier this year. “What Housewife isn’t on Ozempic?” 

Fans immediately took issue with Cohen who seemed to praise Catania for her weight loss and make light of the use of Ozempic — a drug originally made to help manage type 2 diabetes — for weight loss.

The FDA-approved drug impacts satiety in the brain to make a person feel full, which can help lower blood sugar levels for diabetics. The drug quickly became a hot topic in Hollywood as many admitted to or have vehemently denied taking the pill specifically for weight loss. 

“It really annoys me. This is a drug for people with type 2 diabetes. My doctor wants me on this drug but I can’t get it because there’s a massive shortage,” one fan wrote on X in April. “These people shouldn’t be taking it. They don’t need to take it. It’s so selfish.” 

“What in the world………… this is…..okay? not Andy gave it a nickname ‘Ozempy’ like I’m disgusted?????” another person wrote. 

Sitting down in the new interview, Cohen said he will be careful in the future to broach the subject given the delicate nature of the issue. 

“What I have been careful to say (since then), especially with Emily Simpson who lost a ton of weight, is, ‘I thought you looked great before. You still look great,'” Cohen said, explaining how he plans to address any weight loss conversations in the future. 

Over the summer, Simpson shared photos on Instagram showing off a dramatic weight loss that caused many viewers to wonder if she had taken Ozempic specifically to drop pounds. She initially denied having been on Ozempic but later said she did take the drug to “jumpstart” her health journey. 

From that, however, Cohen says he is taking away a major lesson on how to handle the topic should it continue to pop up during episodes of WWHL or Real Housewives reunions. 

“The note (to self) is: Don’t pat someone on the back for being thin, because what you’re then doing is perpetuating a false narrative about beauty, and that’s not right,” he shared. 



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