Anne Hathaway Wears Sexy Versace Cutout Dress In Sparkling Silver

Anne Hathaway Wears Sexy Versace Cutout Dress In Sparkling Silver

On Saturday, Anne Hathaway walked the red carpet in Austin, Texas, for the premiere of her new limited series WeCrashed on AppleTV+. The show covers the story of co-working space WeWork, with Jared Leto playing cofounder Adam Neumann and Hathaway as his wife, Rebekah Neumann. Hathaway stopped to pose outside the Paramount Theater, which is hosting part of the South by Southwest festival.

The actress wore a silver Versace gown with cutouts along the sides of her torso. The skirt came down to her ankles, under which she wore silver high-heeled sandals. She was carrying a small white purse featuring the transgender flag, likely a response to Texas’ directive from Governor Greg Abbott to investigate families for “child abuse” where trans children are receiving medical care for their transitions.

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WeCrashed follows the rise and fall of WeWork, which was valued at $47 billion before it crashed in worth. As Rebekah, Hathaway tried to focus on the human side of the charismatic couple.

“This seems like a human being, and a human being is a mixture of traits that are admirable, and we also all have things that we’re working on,” Hathaway said of her character in a panel at SXSW, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I just tried to infuse her with that every day and just say she didn’t do everything right all the time, and nobody ever has in all the time that all human beings have been alive. So, ‘sweetness’ was the word that really opened her up for me.”

Her co-star, Jared Leto, apparently lived in character for the entire shoot.

“I’d never made a film or any done any kind of acting that was based on a story that was so fresh,” Leto explained during the same panel. “So the fact it was so relevant and recent was great. We were just buried in [source] material, which I love. I love the research process. I love preparation. It’s my favorite part — second to the last day of the job.”

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