Ashlyn Harris Addresses Divorce from Ali Krieger, Sophia Bush Romance

Ashlyn Harris Addresses Divorce from Ali Krieger, Sophia Bush Romance

Ashlyn Harris is speaking out about the backlash and accusations she has faced, since her divorce from Ali Krieger.

In a statement shared on Instagram Saturday, the United States Women’s National Soccer Team star cleared up speculation about the end of her marriage. 

“Several weeks ago, a process that had been ongoing privately for some time became public,” Harris wrote about the September divorce filing. “Ending a relationship after almost 13 years of friendship, teammate-ship, marriage and co-parenting (many of them good years) is a decision that was not made lightly. We agreed to center our children, continue therapy, separate, and to move forward with our lives. Two happy families are always better than one unhappy one. This process is never easy, but we were making our way through.”

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The 38-year-old athlete went on the explain that at the advice of their agents, she and Krieger decided that they would keep the information private until Krieger retired. However, their trust was broken when someone “leaked” the news of their split, which she called “a betrayal of our deepest confidence.” 

Harris continued, shutting down the online hate and bullying she had been receiving since the news of their split.

“The online hate that has happened since has been one of the most personally devastating experiences of my life,” she wrote. “Now, I know that it is best practice in the world of online gossip ‘not to feed the beast. Don’t respond. Don’t let them see you sweat.’ Just hide away until the tabloids and Internet trolls decide to feast on someone else. For weeks, I have tried to take this advice. I have tried to let the fire burn out and what I’ve experienced has devastated my mental health. This has been brutal.”

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She continued, “Words matter. The cheering on abuse, the people clamoring to encourage me to commit suicide, and the cruel words spoken about my children, and who I am as a mother? Those words matter. Someday my kids are going to be able to read the hate that strangers on the internet wrote, all because those strangers had an unsolicited opinion on my health and happiness? What are we doing here?”

Addressing the rumors that she was unfaithful during her marriage, Harris called them “unbearably painful.” 

“People have run with a narrative that’s unbearably painful. Not all marriages last forever. Ours did not. For many reasons,” she wrote. “And while I understand that the false narratives about why might feel juicer or make a better headline, they are simply not true.” 

She continued, “Let me be clear, “Let me be clear: I did not step out on my marriage. I was always faithful in my marriage, if not always totally happy. Like in many partnerships, there was work in therapy and processing done. None of this happened on a whim. We spent the entire summer working to tackle the separation and divorce steps outlined for us by our therapists, lawyers, and our shared agency.” 

Harris went on to share that she finally chose “her health and happiness” which will lead to a better future for her kids. Getting candid, she shared that the way the internet “turned on me” made this chapter even more challenging. 

“What has made this complex and difficult experience harder than I could have imagined is to have had an entire community turn on me while I’ve been moving through this,” Harris said. “I spent my whole career trying to build an inclusive space where people can show up as themselves and where they know they will be safe. Right now, it feels like the entire community has poured gasoline on me and lit the matches. So many of you, including people who stand publicly as anti-bullying advocates, have cheered this on like bloodsport. As though a family in transition is on opposing teams. Like a divorce is a battle, one person stands to win.”

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She added, “I want to be clear that pushing someone to the edge? That isn’t a win. No one ‘wins’ here.”

Harris ended her message by sharing that her top priority is her children and being a good co-parent with Krieger and that she still plans to be optimistic about the future.

“Despite this current darkness, there have been years of love between us. And the kids are the best part of it all. They deserve two healthy and happy parents, and that’s what matters most,” she wrote. “We are all in pain. I share all of this to remind people that bullying anyone about a personal decision, especially when that bullying is rooted in lies, really hurts,” she wrote. “I’m hoping that instead of continuous cruelty, you can remember the simple truth that I’m a human being, a mom, and a good person just trying my best. I’d appreciate if you could take a breath and treat me and my family with some humanity.”

Krieger did not repost or respond to the statement. 

The former pro athlete, who announced her retirement in November, filed for divorce from Krieger in September, according to People. The pair, who tied the knot in 2019 after meeting in 2010, are parents to Sloane, 2, and Ocean, 1.

In October, a source told ET that Harris was currently dating actress, Sophia Bush — who ended her marriage to Grant Hughes in August.

“Sophia and Ashlyn are dating and are into each other,” the source said. “Although it’s new, the two are on the same page and talk about their future together.”


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