Chad Michael Murray Reacts to Erin Foster’s Sophia Bush Cheating Claim

Chad Michael Murray Reacts to Erin Foster’s Sophia Bush Cheating Claim

Chad Michael Murray is side-stepping questions about whether or not he cheated on ex-girlfriend Erin Foster with Sophia Bush

In a new interview, Murray, 42, said he is choosing to move on with his life rather than live in the past when it comes to drama from two decades ago.

“It’s not one of those things that I want to go down the road of because there’s just never a winner,” Murray told E! News when asked about Foster’s recent claims that he cheated on her with his One Tree Hill co-star. “I feel blessed to be where I am right now.”

Erin, 41, dated Murray from 2001 to 2002 before they ended their relationship and Murray began dating Bush, 41. Bush and Murray wed in 2005 but divorced after just five months of marriage. 

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On a recent episode of Erin’s podcast with sister Sara Foster, the duo commiserated on their dating stories and being featured in a roundup of little-known celebrity couples; Sara for an alleged date with Ryan Gosling and Erin for her relationship with Murray. 

“You actually dated like a lot of celebs,” Sara says of Erin, to which the latter thanks her and adds, “In it, it said, ‘And he apparently cheated on her with Sophia Bush.'”

“By the way though, DeuxMoi’s not — they don’t lie. I mean, and that is what happened,” Sara continued. 

“I mean, yeah. He definitely did cheat on me with her, in like, a pretty egregious way,” Erin shared. “While we were living together. Pretty cool.”

Despite the “egregious” nature of how their relationship ended, Erin told her sister and their listeners that she is “over it now.”

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In his response, the Cinderella Story actor said that he is doing his best to just be glad and thankful for where he’s currently at in life. 

“I have more regrets in my life than I care to think about, but I don’t live in the past,” Murray said. “I try to move forward every single day and just go, ‘I got air in my lung, life in my step, the will to move forward and the sun’s gonna rise on a beautiful tomorrow.'”

While Murray’s relationship with Bush did not work out, found his happily ever after with co-star and wife Sarah Roemer. The pair wed in 2015 and have three children together, including a baby girl born in August



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