Everything You Need to Know About Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

Everything You Need to Know About Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

When it comes to looking at compatibility between two zodiac signs, it’s important to discuss their respective differences and similarities. For instance, Taurus is an earth sign that has trouble with change and a stubborn streak, while Scorpio is a water sign that leans into growth and evolution. They are opposite signs on the zodiac, which is why they feel a strong pull towards each other. Both signs are sensual—Scorpio likes to consume the minds of those they adore, and Taurus loves being treated like a queen.

The main similarity between Scorpio and Taurus is that they are both fixed signs—meaning they won’t change their minds about a person overnight. In matters of love, it takes a long time for these two to get comfortable and trust each other. But once they do, it’ll be long-lasting as they rarely have a change of heart once they are committed.

Taurus and Scorpio as friends


A friendship between these two signs feels natural. Opposite Sun signs easily connect, even though they might have different views. Fixed signs like Taurus and Scorpio these often find each other energetically. Taurus is the one who’s always planning events, letting Scorpio come along for the ride. As long as these plans shed light on the deeper meaning of life in some way, Scorpio will be down. On the flip side, Taurus will feel loved by Scorpio, who’s loyalty gives the bull a sense of stability and camaraderie in their friendship. The ties and bonds between the two are hard to break, even when they don’t see eye-to-eye. However, these two might sometimes get into a squabble (thanks to the stubbornness they both possess), especially when one of the two tries to cancel the other’s decision to hang with someone else.

Sex between Taurus and Scorpio

The sheets will burn with heat and electricity when Taurus and Scorpio hook up. Scorpio likes to take charge and play games, and Taurus is into being tied up in an effort to feel in touch with their body. Both zodiac signs want to be strongly connected to their partner while having sex, so they’ll look deep into each other’s eyes and share an intense bond while orgasming. Things will get super steamy when they both initiate foreplay—we’re talking erotically-charged moments with lots of physical touch before they even kiss. Both Scorpio and taurus are possessive sexual partners who want to control the other person through mind games, but Taurus becomes submissive because they like the idea of being overwhelmed by another. Impulsivity, openness to having sex anywhere, and trying new kinks will prove to be exciting for these two.

Taurus and Scorpio in a relationship

Like a moth to a flame, Taurus and Scorpio are drawn to each other. Things will go from rocky to chill as the relationship progresses, and it’ll take time for them both to open up. Peeling the layers off and being able to connect requires many long, late-night conversations, because they’re both so guarded. Scorpio is the pursuer in this relationship, because Taurus doesn’t like to do the work until they’re in deep. Scorpio’s flirting style is swift and direct, so expect to jump right into sexting and sharing your innermost fantasies ASAP. Scorp’s penetrating need to possess their crushes can be a bit overwhelming for Taurus at first. However, the bull will jump right into the intensity once they’ve learned a little more about Scorpio, and they they can send Scorpio straight into a tailspin. All in all, this relationship is great because they’ll rarely argue. Both zodiac signs know how to push each other to be the best in life and in the boudoir.

Taurus and Scorpio in a marriage

This is a pair you can call stable. Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed zodiac signs, so it’ll be easy for them to stick to making the commitment of marriage or long-term relationship before calling it quits. Both place a high value on commitment, so it can take a minute before they take the leap into unifying their households, whether that means popping the question or moving in together. For them, a serious relationship is a serious undertaking. This requires a lot of trust—neither Taurus or Scorpio will invest in those they don’t feel extremely comfortable with. And if they don’t trust each other, drama will ensue, as they’ll both try to catch the other in devious acts and read into matters that aren’t actually that scandalous. They won’t propose, say “yes,” or choose a date until they are 100% certain that their boo is The One.

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