“Fairy-Core” Nails Is the Official “Soft Girl” Manicure, According to TikTok

“Fairy-Core” Nails Is the Official “Soft Girl” Manicure, According to TikTok

Picture this: you’re in your soft girl era, wearing trends like “sugar plum fairy” and “stained-glass skin” makeup on the regular. You’ve got your outfits on lock and your hair routine down pat, but the one thing you’re missing? The perfect manicure. Well, don’t fret, because TikTok has you covered. The latest nail trend going viral on the platform called “fairy-core” nails is right up your alley.

The manicure takes classic fairy traits and turns them into a stunning nail design. Think wings, florals, sparkles, metallics, and even 3D embellishments. You can completely customize the look based on your preferences, but one thing is for sure: it’s the whimsical, ethereal, fanciful design that’s sure to garner you tons of compliments.

Ahead, nail experts break down everything to know about fairy-core nails, including what they are and how to get the look at home. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about the viral TikTok trend.

What Are Fairy-Core Nails?

“Fairy-core nails are all about bright pastels, soft designs, and nature-themed art that evokes the fantasy and spirit of the spritely fairy and elf world,” Michelle Nguyen, nail expert and founder and CEO of PLA tells POPSUGAR. Jin Soon Choi, nail expert and founder of JINsoon, agrees, adding, “Fairy-core nails are a bold and robust iteration of traditional fairy nails. While fairy nails tend to be delicate and adorned with glitter, fairy-core nails take it up a notch with elements like 3D designs, elongated shapes, and a fashion-forward, edgy aesthetic.”

As for what kinds of 3D designs you’ll see, Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood Agency, says the trend “incorporates designs and textures from wings, florals, sparkles and metallics, [which] creates an ethereal manicure.”

Both long and short lengths work for the trend, depending on the desired look, although a longer nail does mean more surface area for an intricate design. On the other hand, “short nails can add a cuteness to the look and help make it more wearable,” Nguyen says.

The shape is entirely up to you, although Hanna notes that her favorite choice for this look is a medium length with a rounded edge.

How to Get Fairy-Core Nails

If you’re visiting a salon, as always, it’s important to arrive with inspiration photos in hand and discuss what you’re looking for with your nail technician. If you’re looking to recreate the manicure at home, unless you’re well-versed in nail-art, Choi suggests opting for a simplified version of the trend. “Consider a white pearl base featuring a playful splash of multi-glitter or embellished with pearls or crystals,” she says.

To get a pared-down version of the look, begin by cleaning, prepping, and shaping your nails to your desired shape using a nail file like the JINsoon High Performance Diamond Nail File ($36). From there, apply a base coat. If you’re looking for something that will stand out, we suggest a pastel like PLA Gram Gram’s Rose Garden ($13).

If you want a more neutral shade, opt for something like JINsoon Akoya ($18). Brush on two coats, let it dry, and then go in with glitter polishes in different shades, like the Olive and June OBVI ($9) or Olive and June Exclamation Point ($9).

If you’re interested in adding a 3D element to your nails, we’d suggest purchasing the Amazon 3D Mix Assorted Nail Color Charms ($7), which include wings, hearts, pearls, and stars. If, on the other hand, you’d like to take the easiest route possible when it comes to securing your fairy-core manicure, there are press-on options available. Our favorite is the Bukbuvlo Fairy Ballet French Tips ($7).

Fairy-Core Nails Inspiration

Keep scrolling to check out some of our favorite iterations of fairy-core nails for inspiration.

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