First teaser of “Mermaid Killer” Directed by Israel Gonzalez and Joel Codina


World premier of “Mermaid Killer” the 8th of October at 1AM at  the Sitges Film Festival.

Starring Ivan Massague (The Plaform-Netflix), Rober Dragos  (Money Heist-Netflix), Daniel Prim (Money Heist-Netflix),  Domenico Balsamo, (Gomorra) Ben fisher (Now and Then),  Alberto Raw (In From the Cold) Bruna Rubio (Vampiras).  “Mermaid Killer” is a short film about a girl who becomes a  mermaid and, to protect herself from a group of pirates, kills  them one by one. The short was recorded with Led Screen  Technology in Spain.

Produced by Nido Films and Goldheart Productions in  collaboration with Infinia and Ghost VFX, “Mermaid Killer” will  surely capture the attention of the public for its well-achieved  visual effects. The short has fantastic characters created with  green led.

The Music by Sergio de la Puente in collaboration with Cristina  Vittoria has a special touch that ensures that Mermaid Killer will  be successful at The Sitges Film Festival.

Don’t miss it out!!