Found: The Best-Selling Affordable Hair Dryers Under $60

Found: The Best-Selling Affordable Hair Dryers Under

Look for multiple heat settings

To prevent unwanted hair frying or damage, look for a blow dryer with adjustable heat and speed settings. As hairstylist Amy Abramite previously told Cosmo, “Hair that’s finely textured, compromised by chemicals, or already damaged may not be able to handle hot temperatures and still remain healthy.” With adjustable heat, you can use lower heat settings depending on your hair type (and same goes for speed).

Consider the weight

While a hair dryer with an alternating current (AC) motor tends to be stronger, hotter, and longer-lasting, AC dryers are often heavier than those with direct current (DC) motors. If you plan on traveling with your dryer or want to avoid fatigued wrists, then you might wanna opt for a lightweight DC dryer (like the InfinitiPRO by Conair SmoothWrap Hair Dryer), whereas those who want a more powerful, professional-quality dryer should look a blow dryer with an AC motor (such as the Hot Tools Pro Signature 1875 Watts Ionic AC Motor Hair Dryer).

Keep your hair type in mind

The best affordable dryers are compatible with diffusers and concentrators (and preferably come with them), so you can style your hair rather than, ya know, just blowing hot air at it. If you’re looking to reduce frizz, make sure you get a dryer with a concentrator nozzle, which “can control the direction of airflow, pointing downward, so you are encouraging the cuticle to lay down flat,” as Aaron Grenia, co-founder of IGK Hair, previously told Cosmo.

And if you’re a curly-haired person looking to add volume, then go with a dryer that includes a diffuser nozzle, which will disperse the flow of air from your blow dryer, helping to dry your curls more evenly and gently while encouraging definition.

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