From Weddings to Vacations, Calpak’s TRNK Luggage Collection Can Handle It All

From Weddings to Vacations, Calpak’s TRNK Luggage Collection Can Handle It All

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Calpak grew in popularity with its internet-famous Clear Cosmetics Case. It fits all your toiletries, makeup, and getting ready necessities and keeps them organized in a TSA-approved clear, streamlined case. The brand caught my attention when I saw its lineup of mini carry-on suitcases that are pretty much half the size of a regular carry-on. I even put it to the test as a personal-item carry-on bag, and I was beyond impressed. In fact, my Calpak Ambeur Mini Carry-On is now my go-to for all my weekend getaways, a budget friendly flights.

As I’ve been eager to travel more, it dawned on my that I don’t have anything more than a carry-on suitcase. Plus, owning a matching set of luggage just makes me feel like I’m flying first class, even if I’m in economy. I’ve been on the hunt for a stylish luggage set for quite sometime now, and when I saw the Calpak TRNK Luggage collection, I was enamored. This vintage-inspired set is beyond chic with it’s faux croc leather textured print on the hardshell. Plus, it comes in three neutral colorways: espresso, almond, and black.

What I Like About Calpak TRNK Luggage Collection:

For starters, I’m obsessed with anything with a croc-inspired embossing so this was an easy win for me. Plus, the leather-esque look of the luggage gives it an elevated touch, while the trunk buckles give it character. Although it looks delicate and too pretty to even use, it’s actually pretty durable. The polycarbonate hardshell is resilient against sidewalk and wall scuffs, conveyor belts, and getting tossed into car trunks, and so much more. No matter how much these suitcases go through, the minor scratches just wipe right off, and if not they truly blend into the croc pattern. Plus, the wear and tear even adds to the vintage-inspired character of this luggage set.

Calpak’s TRNK Luggage Collection has plenty of space for all my clothing, including my Indian lenghas (skirts) that truly take up so much space due to cann-cann layers inside. I was able to neatly place them without taking up much space with the compression straps. These straps came in handy for all of my clothing, whether it was chunky sweaters and sweatshirts, voluminous dresses, or even for securing other organizational bags in place. Each piece of luggage also had a large zippered compartment that has two smaller zipper pockets on it. This compartment came in handy for more valuable or smaller items that could easily slip out of the compression straps.

The vanity case is also something I love using, especially for big events like weddings since I was able to fit plenty of makeup, skin-care, hair care, body care, and other beauty tools and necessities in this trunk-style case. This vanity case has a mesh pocket on top as well as four elastic open pockets on all four sides to keep things organized and upright. It has a crossbody strap as well as a luggage strap that can secure it to your carry-on suitcase handle as well.

Another thing I appreciated about the TRNK luggage set is how each one is able to seamlessly glide through roads, hotel lobbies, and airports with its dual spinner wheels. The luggage walks along with me rather than lugging behind me. Plus, the added ability to expand each suitcase made packing a lot more easier as well.

What’s Worth Noting About the Calpak TRNK Luggage Collection:

From it’s chic exterior to its spacious interior, there’s not much to point out when it comes to Calpak’s luggage. This collection is a little bit heavier, compared to others on the market that are also hardshell exteriors. Although Calpak’s suitcases have plenty of zippered pockets on the interior, they do not come with a laundry bag.

You don’t need every single item in the collection, so I’d suggest investing in the pieces that you’ll use often or something you need to replace. The vanity case is useful for those who are makeup artists, hair stylists, or someone like me who needs to have their must have beauty products on hand for any event. If you wear a lot of hats, it might be worth it to spend on the hat boxes to preserve its shape. And as stated earlier, the mini carry-on is perfect as a personal item carry on bag that you don’t have to carry over your shoulder.

Who’s the Calpak TRNK Luggage Collection Best For?

Calpak’s TRNK Luggage Collection is best for anyone who’s in the market for functional and durable luggage that does not compromise on style. With its expandable zippers, compression straps and multiple interior pockets, this is built for an overpacker like myself.

Is the Calpak TRNK Luggage Collection Worth the Splurge?

The Calpak TRNK Luggage Collection is worth the splurge if you’re in the market for quality luggage that will last you a very long time, and looks so chic. I’ve put these suitcases through the ringer, and you can barely notice the scratches due to the textured hardshell. Calpak’s luggage stands the test of time, and airport conveyor belts.

Additional Details:

  • Calpak’s TRNK luggage collection comes in three colors: almond (beige), espresso (brown), and black.
  • The TRNK suitcases have a TSA accepted lock, rolling spinner wheels, and are expandable up to two inches.
  • Each suitcase is made from hard shell polycarbonate with faux crocodile leather, has side protectors made out of aluminum, and polyester lined interiors.
  • Each suitcase is made from hard shell polycarbonate with faux crocodile leather, has side protectors made out of aluminum, and polyester lined interiors.
  • Dimensions: Carry-On: 20.5″ x 13″ x 9″ | Medium: 24.5″ x 15.5″ x 10″ | Large: 29″ x 18.5″ x 11.5″ | Vanity Case: 9.3″ x 12″ x 8″
  • Weight and Packing Capacity: Carry-On: 7.4 lbs and 39.3 L | Medium: 9 lbs and 62 L | Large: 12 lbs and 101 L | Vanity Case: 2.6 lbs and 15 L

Where is the Calpak TRNK Luggage Collection Available?

The Calpak TRNK Collection is available on the brand’s site. You can get the mini carry-on ($165), the carry-on ($195), the medium luggage ($245), the large luggage ($275), and the vanity case ($105).

If you have hats, consider investing in the small hat box ($145), a medium hat box ($175), or a large hat box ($205).

You can also get the collection in bundles, including the three-piece luggage set ($495, originally $715) or the two-piece luggage set ($395, originally $470) depending on your needs.


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