Haley Lu Richardson Lives Out Her Wildest Tween Dreams at the Jonas Brothers’ “Today” Show Gig

Haley Lu Richardson Lives Out Her Wildest Tween Dreams at the Jonas Brothers’ “Today” Show Gig

Haley Lu Richardson has been Jonas Brothers obsessed since she was 12 years old, and now she’s making her younger self’s dreams come true. The star served as the “Today” show’s official correspondent for the band’s first show following the release of their new album, “The Album,” on May 12, and her starstruck coverage was all too relatable for many fans.

In videos shared by the “Today” show, Richardson can be heard screaming, “I love you, Kevin. I love you, Nick. I love you, Joe,” as the brothers walk by her on their way to perform. In another video, she finds herself on the receiving end of a hug from Joe and is understandably rendered speechless.

In an interview with “Today” on May 11, Richardson revealed that she’d been to a total of 15 Jonas Brothers concerts in her lifetime and said she’s “trying just to be functional and not cry and pee my pants” in terms of how she was prepping for her upcoming hosting gig. In a May 12 interview with People, Richardson gave a few more details about her longterm love for the band. “I don’t remember if they let me hug them, but I think I said hi and was just freaking out and peeing my pants,” she recalled of first meeting them at a show when she was a tween. “Unfortunately, I had braces and a unibrow, so that was not the hottest face of my life but, internally, it was a beautiful moment.”

This isn’t the first time Richardson has been up close and personal with the Jonas Brothers. She starred in their music video for “Wings” in February — another surreal moment for the star, whose breakout role as Portia in season two of “The White Lotus” significantly raised her profile, though — fortunately for us — not quite enough for her to be beyond fangirling for her favorite trio.

The Jonas Brothers’ latest release is their first since 2019’s “Happiness Begins.” They’ll embark on a world tour for the album on Aug. 12.

Ahead, see Richardson enjoying her time with the Jonas Brothers on the “Today” show.

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