Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend Is Here

Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend Is Here

What’s happening: The Moon is in Gemini today, and at 6:52 PM it scoots into emotional Cancer. On Sunday, there’s a cazimi Venus—the Sun and Venus are in the exact same place in the sky, and this is your one “get out of jail free” pass for Venus Retrograde. The Moon enters Leo on Monday, and on Tuesday, the Sun squares off with Uranus, the planet of newness and disruption. Tuesday is also the day we enter Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow, so some communication and tech issues may start popping up. Fiery Mars harmonizes with Uranus on Wednesday. Finally, Wednesday evening, the Moon enters Virgo, where it remains ‘til the end of the week.

What that means for *you*:


You might just run into your next potential partner this week, Aries, and they’re like no one you’ve ever met before. You’re feeling very attracted to people who aren’t your usual type, and that’s because you need to break free from the patterns in your love life that are no longer working. If you’re in a relationship, this could be dramatic—if you/your partner are feeling stifled or bored at all, lashing out or even infidelity could occur. Don’t flip your lid, think before you speak, and try to be patient.


This weekend is all about diving deep, being vulnerable, and sharing your feelings. This is great for romance and intimacy, but if you’re flying solo right now, you’re feeling very lonely. This week is way better, and much more exciting. Mars and Uranus are interacting and it’s sending your sex drive through the roof. You’re more outgoing, more charismatic, and more eager to connect with others. That plus the Virgo Moon means that you’re definitely getting some action this week.



Although this weekend starts off pretty slow, things pick up a ton with Sunday’s cazimi Venus. This is a day where super important conversations between you and your boo are going down, and despite the gravity of the subject matter, these talks are going rather easily. Try to focus on your love life in the present, and who/what is right in front of you. Keep your wandering eyes under control. Oh, and if your ex hits you up this week (which is very likely), I suggest ignoring them.


There’s not a ton of action coming your way this week, but that’s okay—you prefer to take things slow, right? I suggest taking this weekend to KISS with your partner—“Keep It Simple, Stupid!” Try to avoid starting any fights, and this isn’t the time to talk about your future or DTR. Just relax and enjoy the moment. Spending quality time with your boo without really doing anything in particular can actually be great for relationship-building, and the astro towards the middle of the week is more conducive for talking about your relationship goals.


HBD! If you’ve been yearning for a birthday boo to have some fun with, you’re in luck this weekend. The cazimi Venus in your sign this week temporarily dissolves your Venus Retrograde issues. You have the chance to get dolled up, show off, attract hella hotties, and get all the attention! You’re hot stuff, Leo, and you need to act like it! Be confident, be expressive, and be genuine this weekend, and people will be lining up out the door waiting to connect with you.


This week’s astro is way less extreme than last week’s for your sign, and although you’re not getting a ton of action, you’re still making progress. This week is no different than any other week during Leo season—you’re still bumping into exes and thinking a lot about the past—but the encounters with your ex this week are way more likely to be positive ones. You’re not to get back with this person, but you can have a nice talk, connect, and amicably part ways. You’ve given yourself a clean slate, and now you’re ready to experience whatever’s coming next for your love life.


Single and ready to mingle? You’re in luck! The cazimi Venus this weekend activates the most social part of your chart, so people are naturally gravitating towards you right now. Right now, you’re making casual connections—speed dates, lots of flirting on dating apps, one-and-done hookups—but this is a period to “sample” different styles of relationships and lovers. You’re finding out who/what really makes you feel good in relationships, and you never know—maybe this is when you’ll meet your next S.O.!


This week’s astrology is easygoing, harmonious, and suggests pleasant interactions with your partner, but first, you gotta get through this weekend’s astrology, which is a little more intense. You and your partner aren’t on the same page—one of you is determined to take things to the next level, but the other person just isn’t quite ready. You’re as stubborn as they come, and you’re not afraid to fight, so this weekend could be disastrous. Be calm. Talk things out. Just because you’re having a (potentially major) disagreement doesn’t mean you can’t meet in the middle. If you can’t find a compromise, this might be the week to part ways for good.


Things are feeling a little stale in your love life lately. If you’re single, you might be going through a dry spell, or if you’re taken, life in the bedroom has become more routine and less of a spontaneous, fun activity. You gotta spice it up! Try new types of people, toys, lingerie, kinks—whatever you have to do to make your sex life exciting again, do it. Otherwise, the boredom in the bedroom might kill your relationship!


Opening up to people is hard, but discerning who you should open up to is even harder. You’re stone faced, rigid, and you never let a bitch see you sweat, but you’re eager to love. You want to connect deeply with someone. This week, there’s some very intimate astro that makes sex more erotic and sensual, and makes romance much more meaningful. If you’re boo’d up, you can let down your walls, let go of your controlling tendencies, and feel entangled with your partner. But if you’re single, you might just hook up with the first person who flashes you a smile. Don’t do that—a quickie will not satisfy you, and when they hit the door, you’ll feel super lonely.


This weekend is amazing for spending time with your boo, going on dates, or simply hooking up with some hotties. The cazimi Venus has a magical effect on your chart’s relationships zone, and although you’re not guaranteed to find your soulmate or enter a relationship with your crush right now, you’re still making lots of progress. Then the week begins, and things get stressful, fast. You can blow up on your family, argue with your roommate, or vent about your boss to your coworkers or whatever, but what you can’t do is take it out on your partner. Be nice!


Finding love happens more naturally for you this weekend, and it looks like you’re spotting your next crush. Problem is, it’s super likely that this budding romance is happening with someone at work, which can lead to trouble. No flirting at the water cooler, no giving them flowers when they clock in, none of that—keep the lovey dovey stuff at home, otherwise other coworkers/your boss might act a little shady towards you.

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Jake Register (better known by his Instagram handle, @jakesastrology) is a Libra and the author of Cosmopolitan’s weekly Sexoscopes. He lives in southeastern North Carolina and loves making astrology content. Follow his IG or Twitter @jakesastrology, and to book a reading, go to Jakesastrology.as.me.

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