Here’s Why Alex Morgan Wears a Pink Headband For Every Game

Here’s Why Alex Morgan Wears a Pink Headband For Every Game

If you’re watching the US women’s national soccer team compete in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, you’ve probably noticed a pink headband in Alex Morgan’s hair — you can’t miss it. You would have also seen her signature accessory during the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, as well as the 2011, 2015, and 2019 World Cups (yeah, she’s got a lot of experience). It’s gained so much attention that, at one point, her headband even had its own Twitter account.

A lot of other soccer players on the USWNT and internationally wear the same style of headband — it’s made of something called prewrap — but what’s special about Morgan’s is that it’s always pink. Here’s more about the headband and the touching reason she always wears the same color.

What Is Prewrap?

Prewrap is thin, semisticky foam material typically used on athletes as a base layer under medical tape to protect your skin, according to Merriam-Webster. For example, I used it all the time on my ankles at gymnastics practice (I suffered from a high ankle sprain in middle school, which led to overcompensating on the other foot, so I taped both for years after that).

You can also use prewrap to secure ice in place, protect skin from unwanted chafing, and — as Morgan demonstrates — act as a headband to hold your hair back.

Why Does Alex Morgan Wear Pink Prewrap in Her Hair?

Morgan married LA Galaxy midfielder Servando Carrasco in December 2014 after they met in college and dated for nearly seven years. (Talk about a soccer power couple.) Morgan started wearing pink prewrap in her hair during her sophomore year at the University of California, Berkeley, to support Carrasco’s mother, Gloria, who was battling breast cancer at the time, according to ESPN.

Gloria was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2006 — she broke the news to her son while he trained at an Argentinian soccer camp that fall, according to Major League Soccer (MLS). Gloria survived a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation but was diagnosed with a form of uterine cancer two years later. She reportedly beat that cancer, too, according to MLS.

Ahead, check out how Morgan makes her pink headband out of prewrap (hint: it’s super simple) and photos of her wearing it throughout the years on the field.

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