Hot Girl Walks Are Out; “Kendall Roy Stomps” Are In

Hot Girl Walks Are Out; “Kendall Roy Stomps” Are In

ICYMI, hot girl walks are so 2021. “Kendall Roy stomps” are the next big fitness trend making waves on TikTok. Leading up to the “Succession” series finale, fans created a new exercise ritual inspired by Jeremy Strong’s character on the HBO show. The rebrand is quite subtle: whereas hot girl walks are a meditative experience focused on manifestation and reflection, Kendall Roy stomps prioritize mulling over family drama and mimicking the distinctive way the Waystar Royco scion trudges around Manhattan.

To better explain the satirical practice, we’ve mapped out a few guidelines for your next Kendall Roy-inspired jaunt around town:

  • Wear a plain baseball cap and headphones (preferably a noise-canceling over-the-ear model to tune out all the plebes you may encounter).
  • Your playlist should include “all bangers, all the time,” just like Kendall’s 40th birthday mix. (Bonus points if you include his favorite pump-up jam, “An Open Letter to NYC” by Beastie Boys.)
  • Walk briskly as if you’re en route to the most important shareholder meeting of your life. Don’t make eye contact with anyone along the way.
  • Sunglasses are a must, despite the time of day.
  • Spend the walk mulling over topics like “optics,” your plan for taking over the world, and winning your father’s approval.
  • Stop on at least one elevated surface, preferably a rooftop, and stare wistfully into the horizon.

Kendall Roy stomps have been slowly gaining steam since last year but started picking up more followers this month as “Succession” came to its dramatic conclusion after four seasons. Many fans present them as a moody alternative to hot girl walks. One TikTok creator captioned her video promoting the tongue-in-cheek trend, “i don’t take hot girl walks i take kendall roy walks. baseball cap on, headphones blasting my succession playlist, staring into the distance as I soulfully muse about the fate of my family and the fact im doomed by the narrative.”

Before lacing up your finest designer sneakers and queuing up your playlist, look through the TikToks ahead to see how others are channeling Kendall Roy on their daily walks.

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