How Russian Manicures Make Your Nails Look Photoshopped

How Russian Manicures Make Your Nails Look Photoshopped

The Risks of a Russian Manicure

While this nail look is picking up in popularity, it’s also caused quite a bit of controversy in the nail community. That’s because the extremely neat look that has become its signature is achieved by cutting past the cuticle area, which can lead to bleeding, pain, or (in worst-case scenarios) serious infections if not done properly.

“The eponychium is what gets cut in a russian manicure,” Gerstein says. If you’re unaware, the eponychium is what seals the nail bed and protects it from bacterial infection. Cutting it incorrectly can expose the nail to bacteria and outside pathogens, which can lead to some serious adverse effects.

For this reason, Gerstein stresses the importance of going to a certified manicurist who only uses professional tools and follows strict protocols when it comes to cleanliness. “When someone is really trained and [has] the right tools that you can’t [just] buy off of Amazon, you can achieve this look the proper way,” Gerstein says.

Translation: don’t try this one at home. (And if you do, make sure you’re doing it safely — like in the case of this product review.)

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