Hugo and Olivia From ‘Claim to Fame’ Are Officially Dating!

Hugo and Olivia From ‘Claim to Fame’ Are Officially Dating!

Warning: Spoilers from the most recent episode of ‘Claim to Fame’ are ahead! Read at your own risk.

The latest episode of Claim to Fame may have ended with yet another elimination, but this story has a happy ending. Although the contestants saying goodbye are sent home without the $100,000 cash prize, two reality stars to recently get the boot didn’t go home empty handed. After the end of this week’s episode, an eliminated contestant revealed they are dating a fellow Claim to Fame alum!

Dying to know who the happy couple from Claim to Fame season 2 is? Surprise! It’s Hugo and Olivia!


Hugo—who was the last to be eliminated—is the grandson of former U.S. president Jimmy Carter. And Olivia—who was sent home the week before—is the niece of actor Jenny McCarthy.

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Hugo hard-launched his romance with Olivia in an exclusive exit interview with People, surprising and delighting the show’s fanbase with the news.

“It’s amazing,” he spilled about their relationship. “Olivia’s the best. I literally love Olivia. It’s crazy I got to meet them on the show.”

While Hugo and Olivia met during filming, they didn’t realize their feelings for each other until after they spent time together off screen, sans cameras.

“After [the show] we linked up and it’s just been great,” Hugo said.

What a happy turn of events! Claim to Fame airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC if you want to catch more of the contestants this season.

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