Jamie Lynn Spears’s Daughters Make a Special Cameo in Her “Zoey 102” Movie

Jamie Lynn Spears’s Daughters Make a Special Cameo in Her “Zoey 102” Movie

Jamie Lynn Spears is picking up where she left off. In her new “Zoey 102” movie — a nostalgic follow-up to the “Zoey 101” TV series Spears left in 2007 — her two daughters made a special appearance at Pacific Coast Academy. Spears said the joint cameo with 5-year-old Ivey and 15-year-old Maddie was “a really proud moment for me as a mom” in a July 20 interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“Having my two girls be a part of this film and get to make their little debut cameo, if you will, it was so special because they got to do it together,” she said. “[Maddie] was like, ‘Mom, I can’t believe that they’re all here because this is the movie that you’ve created.’ And that made me feel really proud as a mom that she recognized that and saw you can do big things.”

The girls’s short but sweet appearance sees them sitting on a bench, eating ice cream with their onscreen mom, when suddenly they spot Spears’s Zoey Brooks in a self-driving car. Maddie asks Spears if she’s driving the car from “LOVE: Fully Charged” — the show her character is a producer for in the movie. Spears initially denies this, trying to hide the fact that she “borrowed” the car, until Ivey chimes in: “I’m pretty sure it is.”

The rest of “Zoey 102” seeks to offer closure after the original series’ abrupt ending in 2008, when Spears decided to leave Hollywood to focus on her first pregnancy. The film follows up with each character 15 years later, exploring their grown-up lives within a chaotic wedding setting. Although she’s now in her 20s, the film’s plotline reports that Brooks is “still trying to figure out life and love” after all these years. Things heat up even further when she and former love interest Chase reunite in the wedding party for their mutual friends. Let the sparks fly and drama ensue.

With the film officially out on Paramount+, Spears said she’s grateful for the opportunity to work alongside her daughters on a project she’s truly passionate about. “I think it all comes down to the fact that I do want my daughters to create the life they want,” she said. “So how else can I teach them that by trying to do it myself?”

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