La Mer Is About To Go On Sale At Nordstrom

La Mer Is About To Go On Sale At Nordstrom



It’s finally here. The only Holiday that really matters: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. For a few weeks, everything is right in the world while we can shop must-have beauty products that never–and I mean that–go on sale. Plus, you can even score bundles of products from your favorite brands, marked down even more. La Mer at a bargain? Say less. Here is everything you need to know:

  • On June 29th, the preview for the sale starts. That means that the products are not on sale yet, but you can add them to your wishlist when markdowns begin, so you can score the products you want before they sell out.
  • On July 9th, early access for the Nordstrom sale begins. If you’re a Nordstrom cardmember, you can get shopping earlier than everyone else.
  • On July 15th, the sale officially begins. You can start shopping your little heart out, adding everything to cart and checking out before anyone can stop you.
  • July 31st is the last day of the sale. By August 1st, all prices will go back to what they were, so make sure to start shopping early.

    Now, there are a ton of great products going on sale. But if you want to be wise about your purchases, consider some of these. Here, we’ve assembled the best of the best: beauty products that you’ll never find this cheap again, must-haves you absolutely need in your routine, and your go-tos that you should probably stock up on while prices are low. Happy shopping!

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Pillow Talk Lip Kit ($90 Value)

If you want your lips to look completely kissable, consider this set of Charlotte Tilbury’s must-haves. This set includes their bestselling Pillowtalk lip liner, matte Pillowtalk lipstick, and a glossy Pillowtalk tinted balm that’s like a lipstick and a lip gloss had a baby.


Addict Lip Set ($84 Value)

Your lips will definitely become addicted to this set. It includes Dior’s iconic Lip Glow, a lip treatment, and a sheer pink gloss to bring the whole look together. It’s perfect for people who want a glossy pout without the potential for third-degree smearing.


Luminous Renewal Set ($155 Value)

Every A-lister is obsessed with La Mer, but given the hefty price tag, not a lot of us regular people get the chance to try it out. But Nordstrom is making that a possibility, giving us four incredble La Mer products for a fraction of the price.


Bond Maintenance™ Set ($126 Value)

If you’ve wrecked your hair with bleach and hot tools like I have, Olaplex is like a time machine for your bad decisions. This kit includes all the must-haves from the line: the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask that will finally let your hair feel like it’s not made of straw.


Eau de Parfum Discovery Set

Looking for a brand new fragrance? Le Labo is one of the most coveted perfume brands, but choosing your new fragrance can be a journey. Instead of shelling out cash on one big bottle that you might not even like, opt for this discovery set that has the brand’s three bestselling scents: Santal 33, Thé Noir 29, and AnOther 13.


4-Piece Candle Gift Set ($152 Value)

Diptyque candles are always a great investment. For one thing, nothing says, “I’m classy” like a beautifully designed candle. For another, these scents are so beautiful, you’ll want to put one in every room. And since this set of four is on sale, you really should do just that.


SinglePass® 1.25-Inch Ceramic Curling

If you’re looking for a brand new curling iron that’s smart enough to not fry your hair, look no further. This tool makes it easy to create those perfectly beachy waves that you’ve always wanted but could never achieve.


Pillow Talk Cheeks Set ($80 Value)

The glow included in this set is unparalleled. With a blush and a cream highlighter, you’ll be able to get those glowy makeup looks you’re seeing everywhere on TikTok these days. It’s a two-step recipe that promises gorgeous results.


Gimme Brow Set ($62 Value)

Your eyebrows will be mad at you for not buying this. This set includes the brand’s bestselling brow products that can take you to the next level. The gel holds your brows in place while the pencil lets you add in believable-looking brow hairs that will stay all day.


8-Inch Sensor Mirror in Brushed

You’re getting all this new makeup, but how do you plan on applying it all? This mirror lights up when your face gets close to it, so you never have to worry about accidentally leaving it on all day. It’s magnifies your face which makes it easy to apply makeup, or pluck an eyebrow hair or two.


ExfoliKate® Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash

It’s time to get down to business when it comes to washing your face. If you want a face so clean it almost looks power-washed, level up with this iconic cleanser. It’s great for anyone dealing with acne or uneven skin, but it’s still gentle enough for almost anyone to use


Lucea 1-inch Styling Iron

If sleek is your goal, a flat iron beloved by hairstylists and A-listers alike should be on your wishlist. This product is also great for creating loose waves, thanks the curved edge.


Pure Silk White King Pillowcase Set ($220 Value)

What’s the point in having a silk pillowcase, you ask? Well, they help not break you out, they prevent frizz, and they will trick everyone who sees them into thinking you have your life together. Is that not enough?

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