Meet the Low Ponytail Braid You’re About to Wear All Summer

Meet the Low Ponytail Braid You’re About to Wear All Summer

Okay, so you blinked and it’s literally already summertime again. And while you’re figuring out your vacays and seasonal wardrobe, it’s also time to find some warm-weather hair inspo that’ll work with all your plans in the coming months. Trust me when I say we’ve got just the thing for you on this week’s Braid Up: a long cornrowed ponytail. I mean, it’ll go with everything you’ve got going on this summer, whether you’re wearing a cute sundress or hanging out at the beach. It’s truly a winner all around, and hairstylist Kamary Mingo breaks it down for you in the video above.

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Into this look and want to try it out for yourself? These tips are super helpful when recreating this style:

1. Stretch out your braiding hair. A longer length is absolutely key to this look, so to make sure you’re getting the most out of your extensions, try to lightly stretch them out before adding in the extra hair. Gently tug at the strands piece by piece, then run a brush through the entire packet once you’re through.

2. Detangle your natural hair. This will make the braiding process so much easier. Mist your hair with some water in a spray bottle—or spritz on a lightweight leave-in conditioner—and work in sections (starting with your ends) with a wide-tooth comb.

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3. Don’t forget the hair oil. It’s literally the best product to ensure your hair stays looking shiny and feeling fresh. Massage a couple drops of oil through your braids and scalp whenever your look is feeling a little dull.

4. Set your braids with mousse. After you’ve finished your braids, smooth on a bit of hair mousse from your scalp down through your ends. After that, wrap your braids in a scarf and run a blow dryer over the finished look. This will help keep those flyways at bay.

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Hair: Kamary Mingo

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