My Favorite Candles For Fall Are From This Taylor Swift-Loved Brand

My Favorite Candles For Fall Are From This Taylor Swift-Loved Brand

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Living in Arizona, I’ve had to learn how to get crafty with my seasonal decorating. Since fall temperatures (realistically) won’t arrive until late October or early November on the West Coast, I’ve resorted to transforming my home into an autumnal oasis complete with fall scents, pumpkin decor, and moodier tones galore — I figure even if it doesn’t feel like fall outside just yet, at least the inside of my home will. Candles are one of my favorite tools for transforming the vibe and aromatic essence of a room, and Byredo has quickly become my go-to brand for shopping out new scents.

Made in France, these luxury scented candles are the ultimate indulgence — they’re vegan, made with recyclable packaging, have an extensive burn time so you can reuse and relight them day after day. The candles are also undeniably stylish and can instantly make a room look more elevated and chic. Plus, ever since Taylor Swift famously said that her all-time favorite candle was Byredo’s Tree House scent in her “Vogue” 73 Questions interview, the brand’s candles have also become something of a hot commodity — even at mainstream retailers like Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, they can be hard to come by (and sell out ridiculously fast).

I recently got a restock on my collection of Byredo candles and added two new scents to my collection: the Byredo Tree House Candle ($45-$94) and the Byredo Sweet Grass Candle ($83), both of which feature earthy tones and notes that are designed to smell heavenly in any season — but are especially perfect for fall. Ahead, I break down what precisely makes these candles so special, and why I consider them to be the ultimate investment must-have.

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What I Like About Byredo Candles

The better question is what’s not to love? I’ve tried plenty of scents from the brand over the years, and have yet to find an aroma I didn’t completely love — which is a testament in itself considering how notoriously picky I (and really most people) can be when adding new candles to a home space. The brand’s packaging is incredibly sleek and minimalistic, so I feel as if I’m getting something special delivered the moment it arrives to my home (this also makes it the perfect gift for those people who have everything and might appreciate receiving something more unique and luxurious).

The candles themselves smell so divine. For this review, I opted to try the famous Tree House candle, along with the Sweet Grass scent, since I figured they perfectly constrasted one another. The Tree House scent resembles a sandalwood aroma of sorts — think notes bamboo, cedarwood, leather, myrrh, all combined together into a single scent that instantly transports you into a lush, moody forest. It emits peak fall vibes and immediately fills my bedroom with the earthiest smell. The Sweet Grass candle feels like a palette cleanser after burning the Tree House aroma. While it also boasts earthier undertones, the candle is much sweeter (hence the name) with exotic notes like musk and sage that are seamlessly blended together into one perfect concoction. The Sweet Grass smells a bit more familiar and less intense than the Tree House, so I prefer to have that one sitting out in my living room space — and am constantly garnering compliments from guests, as a result.

Best of all, I appreciate the long-lasting nature of these candles. Each one has a burn time of about 60 hours (per the brand), and I’ve personally found that my candles can stay lit for hours on end, all while releasing decadent scents that feel as rich as the first time I lit them.

What’s Worth Noting

These candles are marketed as being luxurious for a reason — and their price tag reflects it in full. If you’re someone who is on a budget or are simply trying to keep your weekly spending expenses down, these candles might be a little out of your price range — especially considering that they’re only available to shop in smaller glass sizes like 2.5 ounces or 8.5 ounces. The benefit of these candles is that they do have a pretty decent burning time, which (per the brand) totals in at about 60 hours. Because of their luxurious design, rich-smelling aromas, and longer burn time, I believe that these candles are a worthwhile investment. But it’s also worth noting that you can probably find more affordable dupes of the same aromas elsewhere.

Who Are Byredo Candles Best For?

In my experience, the right smelling candle can make all the difference in the vibe of a room. Whether you’re someone who’s an avid host, are constantly working from home and trying to elevate the mood of your space, or are looking for a luxurious gift that even the pickiest of recipients will appreciate, Byredo candles are a great buy for all types of occasions and circumstances. Plus, since the brand has such a wide variety of scents, you’ll have no problem finding an aroma that’s best suited to your tastes — or those of the people that you’re shopping for.

Where Are Byredo Candles Available to Shop?

Byredo’s celebrity-loved candles are available to shop at a variety of retailers, including Amazon, Nordstrom ($94), SpaceNK, Neiman Marucus ($94), Byredo, and more.

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