New Seasons of “Russian Doll,” “Elite,” and More Hit Netflix This April

New Seasons of “Russian Doll,” “Elite,” and More Hit Netflix This April

Newer, shinier streaming services may keep launching, but for a reliable source that has plenty of variety, it’s still hard to beat the one, the only, the original: Netflix. The sheer volume of Netflix’s library keeps it as one of the biggest players in the streaming game — but at the same time, that enormous amount of content can make it a little intimidating for your average viewer to sift through. After all, how many times have you wanted to watch something new, but you end up becoming so overwhelmed by all the recommendations (even the hilariously specific category suggestions) that you just end up rewatching the same show for the 10th time?
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If you are looking to break this cycle and want to commit to watching new series, perhaps Netflix’s latest batch of TV shows releasing in 2022 is a good place to start. From brand-new Netflix originals and new seasons of your favorite shows to licensed titles from other networks, there’s a whole lot of new content coming your way. This time, though, you won’t get overwhelmed — just take a sneak peek at what’s coming next with this handy guide. No matter what kind of TV shows you enjoy, there’s definitely something coming soon to Netflix that will be just right for you!

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