POPSUGAR’s New Fitness Collection Is at Target, and You’ve Got to Try the Dumbbells

POPSUGAR’s New Fitness Collection Is at Target, and You’ve Got to Try the Dumbbells

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Since the pandemic, I’ve gone from going to a gym or studio almost every day to working out exclusively at home, which is a massive shift, and one I’ve honestly enjoyed; I like being able to start, or stop, a workout whenever I feel like it, and the lack of commute time has done wonders for my schedule. I’ve amassed a few pieces of gym equipment, but there are still a few key items I’ve been lacking. With the new POPSUGAR fitness line launching at Target, I’ve filled in the gaps of my modest home gym setup, and my favorite, by far, are the dumbbells ($6-$27, originally $7-$35).

I love these dumbbells for a few key reasons. First of all, they’re neoprene, so they’re very easy to grip, even when you’re sweaty. Plus, they come in lots of cute colors, which is a little boost of serotonin in a sea of black and gray weights. My number one favorite feature, though, is the square shape. All the dumbbells I’ve previously used are round, which means they roll around on the floor. These square dumbbells don’t roll, which gives me much less anxiety when I’m doing squat jumps. It’s the perfect example of a tiny design change that significantly impacts the experience and efficacy of a product. I got five pound weights, and I love that they’re pink, and the perfect mid-weight option for me. I use them for renegade rows, bicep curls, and weighted squats, and I can’t say enough good things. If you’re looking to add something to your home gym setup, get these dumbbells, and thank me later.

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