TBH, These Large Wall Decor Ideas Are Hella Chic

TBH, These Large Wall Decor Ideas Are Hella Chic


Every morning, I wake up and see the massive blank wall across from my bed—and I have had enough. Give me color! Give me art! Give me a break. I’m over this. I need to some large wall decor ideas, ASAP, before I self-implode over the nothingness that’s happening before my eyes. Sorry, was that dramatic? I just really need a home decor refresh and filling up some blank walls with creative art pieces or fancy wall molding sounds like a mighty fine way to do it.

If you’re in the same boat, hi, welcome to the club. I did some furious digging around the internet (as one does when they are o-v-e-r it) and came up with some solutions that I think will do the trick. From pre-designed gallery wall sets (yep, no planning required!) and large-scale art pieces (that wont break the bank) to chic wall decals from talented artists on Etsy and more—see it all, below. (And yay for not self-imploding.)

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a chic wall decal

Headboard Wall Decal

If you don’t have a headboard or you’re just looking to dress up the wall your bed is on, consider this cool wall arch trend. Sure, you could paint one with your super steady hands and refreshed knowledge of geometry (can’t relate) or you could get a wall decal that you just stick on. Up to you!


a gallery wall

Touch of Color Gallery Wall

Or how about a gallery wall? A clique of cool prints and photographs will instantly make your space feel more personalized (and stylish). Not sure where to start? No worries, Desenio offers tons of different pre-designed gallery wall sets that you can buy (and even customize to your liking).


some fancy wall molding

3D Classic Interior Wall With Cornice and Moldings Mural

If you’re into that Parisian apartment aesthetic (same), have a look at these gorgeous peel-and-stick wall moldings. Am I screaming? Possibly.


a sculptural art piece

Textured Arch Papier-Mache Wall Art

Turn that wall into its own “moment” with a sculptural art piece. The 3D structure will add some depth to your space (and maybe make you look like a big-time art collector, IDK).


a ginormous mirror

Gold Full Length Mirror

Having a huge mirror in the room will surely open up the space (especially if it reflects back the view from your window).


a macramé wall hanging

Large Wall Art Macramé Wall Hanging

A macramé art piece is a great way to add fun textures to the room.


a plant (or 10)

Beaker Glass Tube 8″ Wall Vase

Idea: Get a bunch of these little beaker vases for your wall and propagate some green bbs in them.


an accent wall

Chandelier Gates Wallpaper

Or consider doing a statement wall! This dainty wallpaper from LoveShackFancy is just too stunning not to be used.


large-scale art

Abstract Canvas Wall Art Grey Minimalist Painting on Canvas

Forget what you may already know about art—you don’t need to totally wreck your bank account to get a beautiful piece. There are tons of stunning canvases on Etsy, like this calming abstract one.


a suncatcher

Geo Mirrored Suncatcher

Hear me out: Put this someplace where the sun can bounce off all its lil mirrors and reflect back on a wall. Dreamy!


cool wall sconces

Leap Black Sconce Lamp

Wall sconces are a practical way to decorate your walls. And these industrial-style ones from Article are too chic for their under-$100 price tags.


floating wall shelves

Floating Shelves

Here’s a tried-and-true wall decor idea: floating shelves that you can display all your fave things on.

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