The 9 Best Lightweight Sunscreens For Anyone With Acne-Prone Skin


As someone who suffers from acne, I know from experience that finding the right products can be stressful, especially sunscreen. I used to think all sunscreen products were thick and greasy and I was always worried they would break me out. I went on a mission to uncover the best choices for people like me, who breakout easily. Throughout my journey, I was shocked at the number of lightweight choices that not only didn’t irritate my skin, but also felt great to use daily in my routine.

Ahead, I compiled a list of a few of my favorites, in addition to a few choices that customers always rave about. These top picks came to my attention mostly by reading customer testimonials and listening to reviewers who had similar skin issues as I do. Keep reading to shop these noncomedogenic, oil-free, and popular formulas. They’ll help keep you motivated to protect your skin daily.

— Additional Reporting by Jessica Cruel

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