The Best Holiday Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign: Shop Astrological Gifts


Now that we’re in the crunch time of the 2023 holiday gift shopping season, it’s possible you’re searching everywhere for inspiration for friends still left on your list. Our take? Look to the stars.

Shopping for friends according to their star sign might sound eccentric, but tapping into their sign’s characteristics can help narrow the incredible amount of gift options out there down to something that will feel very personal to them (and get you major friendship brownie points). 

Whether they’re a grounded earth sign, an air sign with creativity that knows no bounds, a spark plug fire sign you can count on to keep things interesting or an easygoing water sign, you’re sure to find a gift they’ll suit their individual tastes.

Below, shop our holiday gift picks specifically curated for each sign in the zodiac. 


Courageous and competitive, the Aries on your list will appreciate anything that will help them do the most — which is what they do best — whether it’s in the office, the home office or the gym. 

Bala Power Ring

Bala Power Ring


Bala Power Ring

You might have seen this innovative toning device on Shark Tank. A mix of a dumbbell and a kettlebell, the 10-pound Bala Power Ring can upgrade your normal bodyweight workouts. 


Dependable, patient and determined, this earth sign loves a romantic touch of luxury now and then. Give them what they crave with a gift that will spruce up their wardrobe or home.

Gucci Flora

Gucci Flora


Gucci Flora

Gardenia, pear blossom and brown sugar will give them the tantalizing scent of summer even in the dead of winter. 


The Gemini friend is into many things — so many that you might wonder how they fit it all into their schedule. Their curiosity makes them early adopters of both tech and trends, so think cutting edge when it comes to their gifts. Bonus if the gift helps them explore their newfound hobbies even further.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Samsung Galaxy Watch6


Samsung Galaxy Watch6

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch6 will thrill them this year with its sleek and sophisticated silhouette. It’s also chock-full of fitness tracking, health monitoring, and general smartwatch features, all accessible via the largest watch display yet.


A Cancers can easily become your most loyal friend. They’ll always go to bat for you, so show them you’ve got them right back with a gift full of love. 


Leo’s don’t try to be the center of attention — they don’t have to. Fuel their main-character energy with gifts that will keep them feeling special all year long. 


As an earth sign, Virgos pay close attention to detail and have a taste for the finer things in life. Opt for gifts that are simple, elegant and useful.


Always there to lend a listening ear, the Libras in your life offer calm and, well, balance. Select a gift that appeals to their even-keeled nature.  


They’re intense, sure, but this fire sign bud will fight the fire for you without a second thought. Complement their passion with gifts as deep and rich as your friendship.


You can always rely on the straight-shooting Sagittarius to find the bright side of just about any situation. That’s why they’re always down for the next big adventure. Help them prepare for the best with one of these gifts. 


Chances are your hyper-focused Capricorn friend has been working hard all year. Help them relax, rejuvenate and get organized for the year ahead with these gift ideas that can also function as a birthday gift for December Capricorns.


Friends born under this air sign can be hard to read, making them tough to shop for. Find gifts that appeal to their limitless creative side, their altruistic side or both. 


They’re the best at going with the flow. Find a gift that fits their laid-back nature. 

Apple AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max


Apple AirPods Max

For those who love the sound quality of AirPods but prefer the over-the-ear headphones fit, the AirPods Max are a good fit. Activate the Active Noise Cancellation mode to reduce ambient noise while enjoying the music, or activate Transparency mode to hear surroundings. 

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