The Color Red Is About to Take Over Your Beauty Routine

The Color Red Is About to Take Over Your Beauty Routine

Move over, Barbiecore; fall is ushering in a new It color. Ever since Fashion Month, trend enthusiasts have noticed the color red is simply everywhere. It didn’t take long for TikTokers to jump aboard, creating countless videos on how to incorporate the shade into everything from your wardrobe to your beauty routine.

From the “bropper” hair trend to cherry-mocha nails, the hue is particularly popular during the fall and winter months. This is only punctuated by the fact that Dua Lipa just revealed her new cherry hair color via Instagram on Oct. 12 — but that’s only the beginning.

Keep reading to learn more about our unwavering attraction to this shade of red and why it’s about to be the color of the season.

Why the Color Red Trends During Colder Months

The reason this particular shade is trending has to do with people’s subconscious desire for power. “Like a red dress, red signals love, passion, power, and sensuality,” celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec previously told POPSUGAR when red nails initially started to trend.

With winter around the corner, you can expect to see the favored hue get even deeper. “It goes back to color theory, particularly complementary shades,” abstract painter Demetrius Wilson tells POPSUGAR. “Lighter colors tend to be complemented by warmer tones and deeper shades by cooler tones.” When your wardrobe gets its yearly winter makeover and you start to imagine all the beauty looks you can pair with a darker color palette, don’t be surprised if your makeup, hair, and nail ideas veer on the cooler-toned side of the spectrum. The contrast, to the human eye, will always be striking.

The secret to nailing the red trend is finding the perfect hue for you. “It really does depend on your skin tone,” celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright previously told POPSUGAR. For fair skin, she says, “coppers really work well,” as does vibrant strawberry blond. If you have dark skin, Wright recommends bright cherry reds, coppers, violets, and ruby tones.

Red Beauty Inspiration

You don’t have to dye your hair to get in on red beauty. For something a bit more noncommittal, opt for the strawberry-makeup trend or a red nail polish that complements your skin tone. With Wilson’s tips in mind, you’ll be firmly in your red era in no time. If you still need some cherry-red beauty inspiration, read ahead for makeup, hair, and nail looks to get your creative juices flowing.

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