‘The Voice’: A Team Niall Knockout Ends on a Shocking Note!

‘The Voice’: A Team Niall Knockout Ends on a Shocking Note!

Three show-stopping performances left coach Niall Horan with an impossible decision on The Voice — and brought one of his fellow coaches to tears!

In Monday’s Knockout Rounds, Team Niall took the stage in a major way, with Claudia B. performing Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why,” Huntley putting his signature style on Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” and Noah Spencer singing The SteelDrivers’ “Where Rainbows Never Die.”

“This is impossible!” Gwen Stefani said of Niall’s choice following the performances, while John Legend teased, “Niall Horan, what are you going to do here?”

“You have to help me!” Niall replied.

While Gwen and John both thought all three singers deserve to move onto the Playoffs, Reba McEntire admits a soft spot for Noah’s performance.

“I guess the thing I miss most is sitting on the back porch of my home,” she shared, growing emotional. “You made me feel that warmth, like I was sitting on the back porch… [That’s the] first time it’s made me homesick in a while.”

“That just gave me chills and tears,” Gwen agreed.

But for Niall, there was a big decision to make — and he wasn’t looking forward to it.

“That’s the best Knockout I’ve ever seen on this show,” he admits. “I didn’t think it was possible to sweat through a black shirt… I’m giving it a good go today!”

The proud coach calls Claudia’s performance “magic,” adding, “It was really, really special. This is your wheelhouse.”

He once again praises Huntley for his powerful stage presence, remarking, “The way you were able to hold your energy back, and make it dynamic, it’s really, really special.”

And as for Noah, Niall admits that his performance surprised them all: “The growing that you’re doing is insane. You made the queen cry!”

“Something special just happened in these three performances,” Niall marvels. “I really, really, really hope that none of you have to leave here.”

Ultimately the Knockout Round led to one of The Voice’s most surprising finishes — as no one went home!

Niall chose Huntley as the winner of the Knockout, moving him on to represent his team in the Playoff Round. When it came to Claudia, Niall hit his button to save her, just after her old coach, John, hit his own button to try and make the steal!

“What you’re up to is on a different planet. Please just stay with me!” Niall pleaded. 

She did, which left John open to try and make another steal, hitting his button for Noah as well — but so did Reba!

“I’m pushing this button because you earned it,” John said, pleading his case, but Reba got choked up once again as she pled her case.

“I wanted you from the very beginning,” she shared. “I want you on my team!”

Ultimately, Noah decided to “make the hometown proud,” and he joined Team Reba!

Watch the full performances below!

ET spoke with Gwen ahead of this season’s Battles, where she opened up about how surreal it is to return to The Voice without hubby Blake Shelton by her side. The Cowboy departed the NBC singing competition earlier this year, after 23 seasons.

“It feels kind of like [my] first season, before I knew he existed,” she shared. “It’s kind of weird, but it’s also like, I’m having so much fun.”

“Like, I’m only here because it’s fun,” Gwen added. “The coaching and actually getting to know your team after the Blinds is my favorite thing, ’cause it’s like, the dream’s there.”

She admitted, however, that it is a little nerve-wracking to look to Blake’s chair and instead see The Voice‘s newest coach — the Queen of Country herself.

Of how Reba’s handled her first season so far, Gwen recalled the Blind Auditions with a laugh.

“She did great. She didn’t have to do anything,” she remembered. “She’d be like, ‘I think you were great. I’d love to have you on my team,’ and then they’d be like, ‘I pick you!'” 

The Voice airs Mondays at 8 p.m. PT and Tuesdays at 9 p.m. PT on NBC.


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