This is the Exact $22 Lip Liner that Jenna Ortega Wore for Wednesday

This is the Exact $22 Lip Liner that Jenna Ortega Wore for Wednesday

Despite her wildly successful career (Wednesday, Scream, Jane the Virgin, You, need we say more?!) and her 40.7 million Instagram followers, Jenna Ortega keeps things pretty low-key. She’s a regular 20-year-old in a lot of ways — she attends Coachella, uses Neutrogena makeup wipes, hates being “goo-goo gaga” over boys, and is currently rocking the TikTok-favorite “wolf cut” hairdo. But, you know, she also kinda owns the wolf cut, attends Dior events on the reg, and casually brought back goth-glam makeup. Casual!

Jenna recently spilled the tea on the makeup tricks she loves and spoiler alert: they’re all super easy to recreate at home. Keeping in line with the goth theme of her Netflix character, the actress explained that she “will always trust a burgundy lip” as a makeup go-to.

“My mom always had a strong lip liner, and when I’m concerned or scared or don’t know what to do or feel lost in the beauty world, I just take off all my makeup, then put on a nice burgundy lip and I feel like home,” Jenna told Glamour. “I feel like myself. That is the go-to safe choice.”


On set, Jenna wore the MAC Lip Pencil ($22) in the shade Nightmoth mixed with Lucas Papaw lip balm to create a sheered-out version of the blackened plum lip color. IRL, Jenna explained to Glamour that she tends to gravitate towards Vaseline or Aquaphor as a lip moisturizer.

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Jenna applies that same minimalist philosophy to the fragrances that she wears. The actress recently starred in the Dior Gris campaign and explained to Allure that she likes the scent because it’s minimal, clean, and fresh. “I also love that it’s androgynous and doesn’t lean too heavy one way or the other,” said Jenna. “It’s something that I really resonate with.”

Dior Gris


Jenna even theorized that out of all the characters she’s played over the years, the character most likely to smell like Dior Gris would be Wednesday Addams. “I don’t know if it’s because of the gray aspect that I’m saying that or because of the fact that there’s an intense shade [but] that’s what she smells like,” she told Instyle.

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