Travis Kelce Reveals How He Met Taylor Swift’s Dad Scott

Travis Kelce Reveals How He Met Taylor Swift’s Dad Scott

Meeting the parents! Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift just hit another relationship milestone as the Kansas City Chiefs tight end reveals how he met — and talked football with  — the Midnights songstress’ dad. 

Travis enjoyed Taylor’s Eras Tour performance in Argentina on Saturday alongside Scott Kingsley Swift, who had an adorably enthusiastic reaction when Taylor changed her “Karma” lyric to reference the NFL star. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that Scott, who has long been a diehard fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, was wearing a Chiefs lanyard around his neck at the time. 

On Wednesday’s episode of the New Heights podcast, which is co-hosted by Travis and his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, the siblings jokingly squabbled about the discrepancy in Scott’s team loyalty. 


“Got him over to the good side, baby,” Travis teased. “Just one by one, getting all the good ones to come on over.” 

“What are we doing, Scott?” Jason retorted. “You’re gonna let this man’s devilish good looks and relationship with your daughter sway you from a lifetime of fandom, Scott? Ridiculous.” 

Travis then revealed that he had shared face time with Mr. Swift on Friday night while dining together in Argentina. 

“I might have persuaded him at dinner the night before,” Travis said. “When I met him.” 

The 34-year-old Super Bowl champion shared that Scott is “a huge football guy” and is a former college athlete. 

“He played college ball, I believe a year at Hawaii and then a year or two — I forget how long — he was at Delaware,” Travis said, noting that Swift Sr. is “a tall guy” around 6’2. 

“Ironically enough,” he added, Scott played linebacker and center — the same position as Jason. 

“We’re going to have to get together and talk some center shop one day,” Jason replied. 

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The family dinner came on the same night that Taylor was forced to postpone one of her shows due to extreme weather. 

“She wasn’t too happy about it,” he said of Taylor’s decision to push Friday’s show to Sunday. “She kinda prides herself on performing through weather or rain and things like that, but when it’s unsafe to her and her crew and everybody in the stadium, you gotta do what you gotta do.”

The group made the best of their experience, enjoying “good food” together including empanadas and steak. 

“We didn’t want to just go have a blast throughout the city like we didn’t care about the show, so we made sure we stayed in the hotel and kind of kept to ourselves,” he explained. 

The next day, Travis found himself “shocked” to be on the receiving end of a huge shout-out from the singer. While performing “Karma,” Taylor sang about “the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.”

Jason noted that Travis was clearly so disoriented, he “left Scott hanging” as Taylor’s dad offered up his hand for a high-five. 

“Yeah, Mr. Swift, I apologize big guy,” Travis replied. “Man, I missed that. I never miss a high-five, too. Big high-five guy. It’s the most electric thing you can do at an event and so, sorry Mr. Swift.” 

Later, as the show ended, Taylor was spotted hugging and kissing Travis at the side of the stage. 

“It was a whole bunch of fun,” Travis said of his trip.

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For her part, Taylor has been logging plenty of quality time with Travis’ family. She’s been spotted enjoying Travis’ games alongside his mother, Donna Kelce, on numerous occasions since September. Last month, Travis’ dad, Ed Kelce, raved to ET that he was impressed by Taylor’s “down to earth” and “genuine” demeanor. 

Meanwhile, Travis told Jason on New Heights that he needs to come check out one of Taylor’s upcoming Eras shows. The 33-year-old superstar is set to perform in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Friday night, and will wrap her Brazil pitstop two days after Thanksgiving Day in São Paulo. After that, she enjoys a two-month hiatus before heading to Tokyo to resume her tour. Over the next year, she’s scheduled to continue performing across Australia, Europe, and North America, as well.

“I would love to go,” Jason said. 

“I’m telling you man, it will blow you away,” Travis gushed. “It will absolutely blow you away.” 

On Sunday, while Taylor and Travis were still in Argentina, Mama Kelce was spotted by a Swiftie taking in a screening of her Eras Tour concert film at a local theater in Florida.

See more from the fun encounter in the video below. 


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