Treat Yourself to a Really Good Shampoo – Best Men’s Shampoos

Treat Yourself to a Really Good Shampoo – Best Men’s Shampoos

When it comes to what men will spend on themselves, I’ve found that the products in your hair and skincare routine often come in dead last. Let’s be real. There’s a very good chance there could be a Rolex on your wrist and a 3-in-1 shampoo, body wash, and face wash combo purchased at the Dollar Tree in your shower.

I’ll never understand it!

When it comes to indulgences you can enjoy every single day, it’s like you’ve misplaced the treasure map. Enter the unsung hero of daily self care: shampoo.

It’s the grooming product that elevates your daily routine and lasts (way) longer than than your (latest) attempt to learn a new language on Duolingo.

To be clear, investing in a premium shampoo is not really that much of a splurge—if you consider the pricetag by cost per use, it’s really a savvy shopper’s haircare secret weapon.

Every one of the salon quality shampoos on this list is more than $15, which I understand may be more than you’ve ever paid for shampoo. That’s okay! You’ve got this!

Check out 5 of the best salon quality shampoos for guys

Best everyday men’s shampoo: Bumble & bumble seaweed shampoo

A little trivia about me: I took a gap year after high school and moved to New York City, where I (wo)manned the front desk of high-end hair salon Bumble & bumble. I learned all about how to take care of my fine hair, the joys of a good blowout, and how the workplace is really just an extension of high school hallways.

I also learned that the brand’s signature Seaweed shampoo was the favored shampoo of nearly all our male clients.

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It smells great. In fact, this might be the best smelling men’s shampoo around. You can use it as a body wash in a pinch, and it comes in the big ol’ size above so you can stock up once and be good for nearly a year.

Best salon quality shampoo for sensitive noses: Necessaire the Shampoo

necessaire the shampoo

If you’re sensitive to smells, a good fragrance-free shampoo is going to be your best bet.

The Nécessaire is a rising star in the world of clean beauty for its adherence to ingedient lists sans sulfates and silicones.

Best men’s shampoo for curly and coily hair: Pattern Hydration Shampoo

pattern shampoo

Started by actress (and fabulous hair haver) Tracee Ellis Ross, the shampoo brand Pattern serves a consumer looking for a more luxurious shower experience for their curly, coily, and textured hair.

This gentle, moisturizing formula softly lathers to cleanse your hair & scalp removing build-up & dirt without stripping away moisture.

Best moisturizing men’s shampoo: Lolavie Restorative Shampoo

lolavie restorative shampoo

Jennifer Aniston is known as well for her amazing hair as she is for her comic timing, so a foray into haircare should come as no surprise to anyone.

Her Lolavie haircare line looks good in your shower and feels even better lathered on your scalp. The naturally-derived, plant-based ingredients promote hydration, strength, and healthier-looking hair.

Best everyday men’s shampoo: Bumble & bumble seaweed shampoo

briogeo dandruff shampoo

No shame in the anti-dandruff game!

This powerful yet gentle dandruff relief shampoo leverages salicylic and lactic acids to help eliminate scalp flaking and irritation, without stripping your hair of vital moisture and nutrients. The gentle cleansing exfoliation addresses symptoms associated not just with dandruff, but with seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis, too.

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