Update: Meghan Markle Is *Rumored* to Be Signing a “Major Deal” with Dior

Update: Meghan Markle Is *Rumored* to Be Signing a “Major Deal” with Dior

If you’ve been wondering what comes next for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle now that their Netflix show has aired, Harry’s bombshell memoir has dropped, and Meghan’s Spotify deal has wrapped up…the answer is potentially pretty major.

Rumor has it (emphasis on rumor) that Meghan is in talks to become the next face of Dior. This comes from The Mail on Sunday, who wrote that the Duchess “may be on the brink of signing a major deal with French couture house Dior to make her a face of the company, alongside global stars such as Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence.”

Duchess Meghan in Dior at the Platinum Jubilee

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The outlet also spoke to a “prominent Beverly Hills socialite” who informed them that “Meghan is all anyone is talking about. There have been rumours for weeks that she’s about to sign a deal with Dior which has put the gossip mill into overdrive.”

Per the Daily Mail, Meghan is working with Ari Emanuel of WME, and a source at the agency said, “We knew the Spotify announcement was coming. It might be a shock to everyone else but we’ve been working on the rebranding of Meghan for weeks. Ari is the best in the business when it comes to corporate deals and making money. He’s excited to be representing Meghan and has thrown all his energy into it. The offers have been pouring in, including from other podcast platforms.”

Again, these rumors are just that…rumors. But can’t wait to see what Meghan does next!

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