What Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, and the Haim Sisters’ Night Out and Unfollowing of Joe Alwyn Say About Split

What Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, and the Haim Sisters’ Night Out and Unfollowing of Joe Alwyn Say About Split

Joe Alwyn was photographed for the first time since his breakup from Taylor Swift in London Wednesday looking “forlorn,” per the photo agency. After the images were published yesterday, Swift didn’t address or respond to them on her social media. But she did let her actions (and her own recent paparazzi-captured outing) send a message. Swift revived the squad, who has all now unfollowed Alwyn on Instagram, for a night out in New York City.

Yesterday’s moves change the split narrative a bit. Here, a breakdown on all that’s happened.

Swift was photographed looking incredible with friends Blake Lively, the Haim sisters (Alana, Este, and Danielle), and Gigi Hadid hours after photos of Alwyn in London surfaced.

On Thursday evening, Swift was photographed out with Lively, the Haims, and Hadid, arriving at members-only club Zero Bond in New York City. Everyone was impeccably dressed, but Swift in particular looked fabulous in a little black dress, red lip, wayfarer sunglasses, and loafers.

It’s a 1989 throwback moment (and perhaps an Easter egg that the re-recorded album is coming soon) that doubles as a breakup power move. It is also a far cry from how Alwyn appeared in his photographs, as he looked very sleep deprived at least. You can see photos of Swift here and photos of Alwyn here on TMZ.

All of Swift’s friends in her going-out group, including Gigi Hadid, have now unfollowed Alwyn on Instagram.

The outing last night came hours after fans noticed that some major people in Swift’s life, including all three Haim sisters, Swift’s brother, and Lively’s husband Ryan Reynolds, had suddenly unfollowed Alwyn on Instagram. (Lively doesn’t follow Alwyn, and Swift doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram, so she can’t send a message by unfollowing her ex.)

When ELLE.com initially reported the mass Alwyn unfollowing on Thursday afternoon, Hadid was still following him at the time.

Gigi Hadid still following Joe Alwyn on Instagram at 1:25 P.M. Thursday, April 20.


As of 1:50 P.M. Friday, she is not anymore. She was the last person in the group Swift went out with last night to unfollow Alwyn on the social media platform.

gigi hadid no longer following joe alwyn as of 145 pm friday, april 21

Gigi Hadid no longer following Joe Alwyn as of 1:45 P.M. Friday, April 21


Swift and Alwyn’s breakup thus far has been reported to be amicable, although these new actions hint there could be drama behind the scenes. Swift herself is by all indications—sources, outings, and her own reassurance to fans—doing well.

Swift and Alwyn’s breakup has consistently been reported by multiple outlets to be amicable. Alwyn still follows Swift on Instagram. The last update a source gave with details about the breakup was to Entertainment Tonight on April 11, saying Swift ended the relationship and wishes Alwyn well.

“Taylor and Joe are in totally different places in their lives right now,” the source said. “It was more of Taylor’s decision to break up, but both of them realized that they weren’t completely right for one another. They had been together for such a long time and were spending so much time together, but their personalities were just too different. Joe is more introverted, shy and quiet.”

“Taylor has nothing but respect for Joe and really loved and enjoyed all the time and memories she shared with him,” the source added. “They had a deep connection and she really appreciated that. She hopes they can be friendly in the future.”

On April 20, a source spoke to Us Weekly about Swift’s current headspace, saying “Taylor is handling the breakup really well and she’s feeling very optimistic about her future. She truly believes whatever is meant to be, will be, and knows everything happens for a reason.”

That source clarified that no, Swift is not dating right now. “[She is still] adjusting to the single life,” the source added. “She isn’t dating anybody and isn’t even thinking about getting into another relationship anytime soon.”

Neither Swift nor Alwyn has offered any detailed comments themselves on the split—which is unsurprising, given they have always been private throughout their six-year romance.

Swift did signal to fans last week at her Tampa show that she is doing okay, though, raising a thumbs up when she saw a fan’s “You ok?” sign.

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Alwyn, meanwhile, appeared photographed in his Brutalist co-star Emma Laird’s Instagram slideshow of behind-the-scenes images from the film. Alwyn’s inclusion in her carousel has led the 24-year-old actress to get attacked by some on social media. The post remains up on her Instagram with comments now disabled. Alwyn has not posted anything on his Instagram grid since last May, nor has he shared any stories.

Swift’s bringing back the squad, even just for a night, is a rare and major power move and signifies the continuation of her new single era.

Swift hasn’t had a squad moment like this for years.

The last big friend moment in the wild, when Swift was photographed out with a group of her celeb pals out in New York City, was in 2018.

But it’s worth noting that more recently, Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Selena Gomez, and even ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner attended the SNL after party after Swift performed on the show in November 2021. Notably absent was her then-boyfriend Alwyn, who was shooting The Stars at Noon in Panama.

Swift reflected in her ELLE 30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30 essay in March 2019 about the friendships she had in her 20s, along with how her feelings about the squad then—and its backstory—were very different than what fans perceived from the photographs. Swift wrote about learning over time who her true friends were. Notably, Lively, Hadid, and the Haim sisters have been friends with Swift for years if not over a decade now.

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