Why Choose Morganite for an Engagement Ring


Whenever there is a conversation about engagement rings, most people think of diamonds. Well, diamonds are a girl’s best friend but they certainly don’t come cheap. But it’s not always about the price tag of the engagement ring. Many people can afford to buy even the costliest diamond engagement ring but they don’t because they prefer something else. Nowadays, brides seem to be more inclined towards modern options for their engagement rings. There are some reasons behind this- some people like colors, others want sustainability or cheaper price. Due to demand, many varieties of stones have gained popularity in the jewelry industry and the brides love them.

One such variety of stones is a morganite stone. A morganite ring belongs to the beryl family and is a semi-precious stone. These stones mostly have a rose-gold hue but the color might range anywhere between orange, coral, salmon, peach, and baby pink. There are a few benefits of choosing a morganite ring over a diamond ring which has created a separate fan base.


As said above even if a couple can afford the costliest engagement ring it doesn’t mean they will only opt for a diamond ring. Most couples nowadays prefer to spend their money on things that they might need like a house instead of spending all of their savings on a piece of jewelry. Affordable, yet pretty stones are thus catching people’s attention. Morganite is a beautiful stone but costs much less than diamond. Instead of spending a lot of money on a small diamond, it is better to spend lesser on a bigger, eye-catching stone.


Morganite is a semi-precious stone and is a very high-quality stone as well. It has the clarity grading of a Type 1 stone which means it is extremely eye-clean. It is generally impossible to find any inclusions with the naked eye. They always appear smooth and clean and give a very nice aesthetic value to your ring. A well-polished ring will shine beautifully once it catches the sun at the correct angle.


Morganite rings also tend to be very durable given their price. They range from 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale which measures the hardness of a stone.  If the ring is properly taken care of and is protected against constant friction against hard surfaces like rocks, your ring should last for a long time. So it’s time to bid adieu to a diamond ring.


Diamond is the most common stone for engagement rings and colored rings are not very popular. This makes the pink-spectrum colors of the morganite ring extremely unique. The different color variations make a morganite ring interesting. The color is naturally occurring and there is a very low chance of another person having the exact same hue as your ring even if they choose a morganite ring. Your ring will be unique in its truest sense.

A morganite ring signifies divine love, commitment, compassion, and healing and will make a perfect engagement ring for your partner if they like coloured stones.