Your Gemini Monthly Horoscope for August

Your Gemini Monthly Horoscope for August

Add These Dates to Your G-Cal:

  • August 1: Full Moon in Aquarius
  • August 13: Sun in Leo conjunct Venus in Leo
  • August 16: New Moon in Leo
  • August 22: Venus Retrograde in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus
  • August 23: Sun enters Virgo
  • August 23: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo
  • August 27: Mars enters Libra
  • August 30: Full Moon in Pisces

Gemini, you’re curious and eager to connect with others as we finish up Leo season. You may be hopping from social event to social event or even taking a new class. Once Virgo season enters the chat mid-month, you’re ready to slow down, spend time at home, and reconnect with your own energy.

Leo season: July 22-August 23

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Full Moon in Aquarius: August 1

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New Moon in Leo: August 16

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Virgo season: August 23-September 23

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Mercury Retrograde: August 23-September 15

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Full Moon in Pisces: August 30

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The month begins with a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1 that brings some important conversations to a climax. You may learn information that shifts your perspective, reach a new level of proficiency with your own skills, or maybe you’re simply trying something new! This Full Moon reminds you that life is meant to be experienced and you’re ready to push outside of your comfort zone. On the same day, Mars in Virgo connects gently with Jupiter in Taurus, creating soothing energy for releasing the past and clearing out your personal space. The process of purging and organizing your room or home can lead to intuitive downloads.

On August 6, the Sun in Leo collides with Jupiter in Taurus, creating a larger-than-life atmosphere that may bring unexpected but exciting news. You can experience a positive shift in your own mindset today. Plus, your intuition is also incredibly active. A few days later, Venus, the planet of love, clashes with Uranus in Taurus on August 9, urging you to break from the past or to ditch an old habit or belief. You may hear from a secret admirer or learn something unexpected about a lover or friend. More blessings abound on August 12 when the Sun in Leo connects with Venus in Leo. Information you learn today can shift your mindset. If you’ve been waiting for your next million-dollar idea or a solution to arrive, today is your day. You’re surrounded by incoming ideas.


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The Sun in Leo brushes up against Uranus in Taurus on August 15, and you could be taking action on an idea or gut feeling that arrived earlier in the month. It’s likely your daily schedule may experience some unexpected disruptions. You may feel like ditching your responsibilities and having some fun! This is a lovely day to push yourself outside your comfort zone and try something new.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16 marks a new beginning with your communication, or could coincide with the start of an important conversation or idea. Perhaps you’re signing a new contract around this time—congrats! You may also feel ready to learn a new skill or study something new. Follow what lights you up.

The two luckiest planets join together in the sky on August 22 when Venus in Leo shares a kiss with Jupiter in Taurus. This creates a generous and fun-loving energy, and you may be connecting with friends and loved ones. An unexpected offer could arrive or you may feel safe sharing parts of your life story that you’ve kept hidden from others. On the same day, Mars in Virgo stares down Neptune in Pisces, which can create unbalanced and exhausting energy when it comes to managing your personal and professional life. You may be feeling more sensitive to others’ energy and opinions—take everything at surface level and don’t lose hope just yet.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 23 and you’re ready to focus on your home, personal space, and close relationships. Virgo season is here, and for the next month, you may be redecorating your home, working on DIY projects, or just spending more time with roommates or family members. On the same day, Mercury Retrograde begins in Virgo. This can cause setbacks or delays regarding your living situation—maybe a roommate announces they are moving out, or it takes longer than expected for your landlord to fix the broken garbage disposal. It’s also possible that important chapters from your past, especially those relating to family, may be readdressed during the next few weeks.

Mars, the planet of anger and action, enters passive-aggressive Libra on August 27. This brings the drama and the passion to your romantic life. On one hand, you’re more magnetic and this is a fabulous time to date. But beware of situationships if you’re seeking something more! It’s important to clearly state your boundaries around sex and romance. It’s also possible that you’re pouring a lot of energy into a personal creative project or with your children or fur babies.

The month wraps up with a Full Moon in Pisces on August 30. This Full Moon puts your career in the spotlight. You may take a big step in your role at work, achieve a personal goal, or reach an exciting personal milestone. Whatever changes take place around this time will require your dedication and responsibility. You can do it—just remember to pace yourself. Slow and steady wins the race!

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