Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

What’s happening: Tonight, Venus and dreamy Neptune are harmonizing, so it’s the perfect time for romance. On Sunday, Mercury bumps into Uranus, the planet of surprises, spurring chaotic experiences and important conversations. Venus moves into Leo on Monday, making you crave a more dazzling, exciting love life, but it instantly enters an opposition with Pluto, highlighting the power dynamics and secret aspects of your love life. The Moon is in Capricorn for the first half of the week, making mostly pleasant aspects to the other planets, and on Wednesday, it enters Aquarius, where it faces a couple of tough aspects through the end of the week.

What that means for *you*:


If you keep one foot in the past and the other in the future, all you’re doing is pissing on today, Aries. This weekend finds you doing a lot of thinking, and if you’re single, you might feel especially lonely. But once Venus enters Leo on Monday, the party starts! This is one of the most exciting transits for your love life and it makes you a magnetic, charismatic, and irresistible rizz machine, so expect plenty of action to come your way soon, single or not!


This is a great weekend for flirting and fooling around. There’s love in the air, and loads of potential for fun! Put yourself out there, get out of your comfort zone, and hit up the first hottie you see. If you’re willing to take that first step, you can make a ton of magic happen this weekend. After that, things slow down a ton. Venus in Leo wants stability in love, so frivolous hookups and speed dating are really not the move right now.



Your love life isn’t in the state you want it to be in. If you see a problem with your relationship/situationship this weekend, say something about it. Don’t be mean. Bring it up nicely and focus on working with your partner to solve it. There are little bitty details that you’re noticing in your relationship now—bad habits, secrecy, difficulty communicating—and now’s the time to fix them. The first step is talking things out (which means listening to your partner, too), and you can make a plan to fix things from there. Be practical.


This is the final weekend of Venus’ stay in your sign, Cancer, so make the most of it! Get dolled up, full glam, put on your best fit, and go out and have fun! People can’t keep their eyes off of you and finding yourself a date (or just a quickie!) is easier than ever. Venus entering Leo later this week dials the fun back in your love life, and makes you want to focus more on a long, sustainable relationship, so party your ass off this weekend!


You’re finally moving on. There was a lot of wonky astro for the past few weeks pulling a lot of your focus towards your past loves (or you may have been in a nasty breakup) but you’re moving past it now, shedding the baggage, and making nice. Venus enters your sign on Monday, which basically turns you into Venus. You look—and feel—waaay better, people are finding you irresistible, and you have great luck when it comes to getting lucky. Have fun!


If you have anything to say, say it now! There’s tremendous potential for romance this weekend. You’re feeling some feelings for someone, or maybe they’re feeling some feelings for you, and this is the weekend to talk about it! Take a risk. The worst thing that could happen is that they’re not interested, ya feel me? Venus entering Leo slows your love life waaay down, so speak now or forever hold your peace!


Venus entering Leo is one of the best transits for your love life, Libra. This makes it so that you’re meeting new people every day, around every corner. That means that if you’re single, you’re getting plenty of opportunities to mingle now! Here’s the thing, though—just because you like someone doesn’t mean they like you. The opposite is true, too—just because someone likes you doesn’t mean you like them! A little lesson you’re learning this week is boundaries. Learn to take “no” as an answer, even from your boo, and make sure the other people in your life understand that “no” is a full sentence, and they need to respect you.


You can expect a rather pleasant weekend for your love life, thanks to romantic Neptune’s influence, and it’s a great time to try something (or someone) new! Have fun now, because things start to get a little more serious once the week begins. You’re turning your head towards the future now, and thinking about your #relationshipgoals. Are you with someone that you see yourself sticking with? Do you have the same goals in mind? If so, now’s the time to DTR. If not, well… this could be when your relationship breaks up.


If you’ve been feeling sluggish or tired lately, you can blame all of the earthy, watery astro in the stars lately. Luckily, Venus moves into fellow fire sign Leo this Monday, which lightens the mood a ton! This week, you’re encouraged to think outside of the box. Try something or someone new in bed, or buy some lingerie, or some toys, or try something ~kinky~ with your boo. Shake it up and make your love life fun again!


Love is in the air! This is a great weekend for your love life, especially if you’ve been thinking of taking things to the next level with your boo. This is a great time for DTRing, making it “official” with your partner, saying the “L” word for the first time, or some other way of upgrading your relationship. Open up and be vulnerable. Bring voice to your thoughts and feelings. Be open to change—it’s scary, I know, but these are positive changes coming. Enjoy!


Venus, the planet of love, begins its monthlong trip through your chart’s relationships zone on Monday, so it goes without saying—your love life is getting a glow up soon. But before you can enjoy that, you have to get through the Venus/Pluto opposition on Monday. Here’s what’s happening: there’s an imbalance in your love life. Someone’s doing too much, someone’s doing too little, etc. And that imbalance is going to be highlighted this week. How you deal with it could be a make-or-break moment in your relationship. Listen. Talk it out. Don’t fight. Be patient.


Be real! Be your honest self! This weekend’s astro has big potential to make exciting new connections or experience magical conversations with your special someone, but only if you stop phoning it in. Stop thinking about who you “should” be, or how you “should” act, or who you think your partner wants you to be. People love you for you, so be genuine!

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