10 Mermaid Movies For When You Want a Mythical Dip in the Water


Summer is literally here, and it’s time to go outside, enjoy the sun, and maybe take a dip or two in the water. Among the many creatures living under the sea, there’s one rather mythical one which always stands out, at least to me: The mermaid. I can’t be the only one who dreamed of gaining a giant fish tail and singing with a crab and an underwater mariachi band. Okay, I may be giving away an integral part of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, but there are a ton of other mermaid movies you’ve never even thought of seeing.

Whether it be a movie from the 1980s or a sequence from a popular movie franchise, there are so many hit films which will make you want to dive into the closest body of water you can find. Take a look at some of the best mermaid movies out there—beyond the world of Disney.

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The Little Mermaid

You can’t have a list about mermaid movies without acknowledging THE most famous mermaid film of all. Yes, the plotline is rather well-known, but it’s the catchy tunes that will make you want to dive under the sea with the characters. Pun fully intended.



The Little Mermaid Live!

Sure, it will be a while until we can see the official live-action version with Halle Bailey, at least you can watch the musical adaptation? It does star John Stamos (you know, the Full House guy), Auli’i Cravalho (from Moana) and Graham Phillips (from The Good Wife) so at least you’ll find it cute!



The Thirteenth Year

Every ’90s kid has seen this movie at some point or another. I mean, what teenager wouldn’t want to become a mermaid on their 13th birthday? The kid in this movie, apparently. It’s filled with tons of nostalgia, and maybe now you’ll figure out why your hair stands up when holding your partner’s hand…




Yes, the cast is so early 2000s, but this movie about a teen mermaid washing up on shore and needing to prove to her father true love does exist is PEAK mermaid fare. Coupled with friendships, hot lifeguards, and some snooty popular girls, it’s got everything you need.




Who doesn’t love to see a young Tom Hanks on their screen? In this ’80s classic, he somehow falls in love with a mermaid who,, two decades earlier, saved him from drowning. If that’s not enough for you, the sky-high teased hair is a must-see.



The Little Mermaid (2018)

Unlike the Disney version, this movie takes a different approach to the famous tale. Following a young reporter and his sick niece as they go to a traveling circus, they discover a mermaid is being kept captive by the ringmaster. And it becomes a love story that goes farther than a romantic tale.


The Shape of Water

Ever thought a human could fall in love with a mermaid-like creature? Well, what about if you add the fact she’s living in a government lab? Okay, yeah, it’s a little odd, but you did click on an article about mermaid movies. This one happens to be an Academy Award winner!



Lady in the Water

When a Philadelphia superintendent discovers a young woman in the swimming pool of the apartment complex he works in, at first he’s confused. He then learns she is a mermaid, in danger from a magical creature who’s trying to keep her from going back home to her “blue world.” Sounds a bit weird, right? But hey—we never said all mermaid movies were meant to have happy endings!




Okay, so technically we can’t count Aquaman as a mermaid. But can we AT LEAST just admire a hot Jason Momoa playing an underwater superhero in peace???



Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Alright, you caught us—this blockbuster hit is definitely not about mermaids. But there is a 20+ minute sequence where Harry and the other Triwizard competitors must save their loved ones from evil mermaids, so that counts…


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