13 Hair Removal Creams That’ll Leave Your Skin Smooth AF


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I’ll be the first to admit that I lowkey hate shaving. That’s why I’ve tried out almost every single hair-removal process under the sun (waxing, sugaring, lasers—legit everything). I mean, who willingly wants to deal with those little cuts, inflamed razor burns, and annoying stubble that literally refuses to go away?? Even though I’ve tested some pretty fancy hair-removal treatments, the one method that I always come back to is hair removal cream. These top-notch formulas are filled with chemicals that help break down the keratin proteins in your hair to eventually dissolve them. After you wipe off the cream, boom—your hair’s legit all gone.

And thanks to the fact that most of these creams are super affordable, they’re a great option for hair removal when you’re looking to save a little $$$. Plus, the burning and irritating formulas that usually come to mind when you think of hair removal creams are a thing of the past. Today’s creams are filled with hydrating ingredients that leave your skin smooth and totally free of any intense scents or chemical burns. So do yourself a favor and throw out your razor and try one of these 13 hair removal creams, ahead. Oh, and don’t forget it’s Amazon Prime Day 2021, so keep your eyes peeled for those sweet sales.

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Best Hair Removal Cream for Legs

Veet Aloe Vera Legs & Body Hair Remover Gel Cream

With over 3K reviews, this is the number one best-selling hair removal product on Amazon—and for a good reason. The gel-cream formula removes hair at the root (so you stay hair-free for longer) and it contains skin-soothing aloe vera and vitamin E to help your skin feel super soft to the touch. Bonus: It’s on sale rn for Amazon Prime Day 2021. 


Best Two-in-One Hair Removal Cream

Nair Charcoal Brighten & Smooth Leg Mask

You know how your charcoal face mask sucks out the dirt and grime inside your pores? This hair removal cream does the same thing for your legs. The formula features a mix of charcoal and clay that gently exfoliate your skin and remove stubble, leaving your legs looking smoother and feeling softer.


Best Hydrating Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin

Gleebee Hair Removal Cream

This hair removal cream is super gentle, but it never leaves any hairs behind. The combo of aloe vera, vitamin E, and baby oil in the formula means that it’s ultra easy on your skin (no redness or irritation, TYVM), and it leaves you feeling hella smooth once you rinse it off.


Best-Smelling Hair Removal Cream

Ialuku Hair Removal Cream


TBH, I absolutely cannot stand the smell of some hair removal creams (anyone else get whiffs of rotten eggs? Like, no, thanks). You don’t have to worry about any unpleasant scents with this bb though—it removes your hair with ease, no gross smell included.


Best Hair Removal Foam Spray

Nature Nation Hair Removal Spray Foam

If you’re into products with foamy textures rather than creamy ones, this pick is for you. This hair removal spray is packed with soothing ingredients (hello again, aloe vera) and is super easy to apply, while still being just as quick and effective as traditional creams.


Best Hair Removal Cream for Thick Hair

Neomen Hair Removal Cream

With some hair removal creams, you’ll slide on the formula, wait a few minutes, wipe it off, and…your hair is still there in full force. If that’s happened to you one too many times, it’s time to try out this cream instead. The formula is gentle (shout out to aloe vera and vitamin E), but it actually works to remove thick and coarse body hair.


Best Cruelty-Free Hair Removal Cream

Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Cream

If you’re looking for a hair removal cream that you can use without compromising your morals, look no further. This gentle cruelty-free cream removes your facial hair, while also soothing and softening your skin (all thanks to the almond oil in the formula).


Best Exfoliating Hair Removal Cream

Nair Clay & Seaweed Exfoliate & Smooth Leg Mask

This is my holy-grail hair removal cream. I slather a thick layer all over my legs, wait about five minutes, and then wipe it off and hop in the shower to rinse off any residue. It quickly gets rid of any stubble and it exfoliates my skin, thanks to a combo of calcium and sodium hydroxides and exfoliating clay.


Best Non-Irritating Hair Removal Cream

Veet Botanic Inspirations Sensitive Formula Hair Removal Cream

You know that burning sensation you can get from some hair removal creams? Yeah, you won’t have to worry about that with this one. It’s formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E, two ingredients that will help keep your skin calm and smooth.


Best Facial Hair Removal Cream

Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit

Even though the hair on your face is NBD, you might still want to get rid of it…and that’s where this hair removal cream comes in. Just smooth it on, wait five minutes, and gently wipe it off with a damp tissue to instantly remove facial hair. It also comes with a moisturizing lotion that’s filled with plumping collagen and moisturizing vitamin E to keep your delicate facial skin looking glowy.


Best Hair Removal Cream for Dry Skin

Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream

Some hair removal creams can be drying and leave your skin feeling super tight. Not this one—it’s formulated with sweet almond oil (a gentle, moisturizing ingredient) to ensure your post–hair removal skin feels as soft as butter. (P.S. If your hair is on the coarse side, you can leave the cream on for up to 10 minutes.)


Best Hair Removal Cream for Bikini Lines

Nad’s Sensitive Hair Removal Cream

Your bikini area is prone to irritation (as you already know from being a living, breathing human), so if you’re going to use a depilatory down there—it has to be packed with hydrating and soothing ingredients, like Nad’s formula here. It’s made with melon extract, aloe vera, avocado oil, and honey to help prevent your sensitive bikini-line skin from freaking out and becoming irritated.


Best Hair Removal Cream for Underarms

Nair Glides Away Sensitive Formula Hair Remover With Coconut Oil

This hair removal cream for your armpits is literally just as easy to use as deodorant. Turn the dial to dispense the cream and use the top of the applicator to glide it on—easy and mess-free. Bonus: The formula is infused with coconut oil and vitamin E to prevent your pits from getting dry or itchy.

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