14 Waterproof Mascaras That Won’t Move an Inch, No Matter What Life Throws at You


There are a lot of reasons that you could need a heavy-duty, waterproof mascara. For one, summer is coming and summer means it’s really hot out there, which makes for some sweaty situations and by default, a smeared mascara situation — if you haven’t found your trusty waterproof hero, yet.

There’s no trust like the trust you put in a waterproof mascara formula. Whether you’re swimming in a pool, preparing for a particularly humid day, or balling your eyes out during a heart-felt moment in your favorite rom-com movie (we don’t judge), you’re putting your faith in that tiny tube of mascara that it won’t leave you looking like a raccoon when it’s all said and done.

Long-lasting, waterproof mascaras aren’t hard to come by, but finding one that really — and we mean really — works, is. Only the toughest, most resilient waterproof formulations will do. To make your search for your perfect match a little easier, we rounded up the best waterproof mascaras ahead.

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