15 Best Retinol Eye Creams That *Actually* Work

15 Best Retinol Eye Creams That *Actually* Work

Make sure your retinol is designed specifically for your eye area

When using retinol around your eyes, it’s best to use a formula that’s specifically designed for the eye area, says Dr. Yeh. The delicate skin around our eyes tends to be more sensitive and prone to irritation, and retinol eye creams (unlike, say, the retinol you may use for treating acne) are formula with those concerns in mind, says Dr. Yeh.

Regular face retinols may also contain too high of a percentage for the eye area, but specific eye creams containing retinol will have the appropriate amount, says Dr. Akhavan.

Start off low and slow

When shopping for a new retinol eye cream, it is best to start with the lowest percentage you can find and then work your way up to a higher concentration, says Dr. Akhavan. “This will help you avoid any irritation or reaction.” You always want to use your retinol eye cream sparingly at first—one or twice a week at first, increasing your frequency as tolerated.

Opt for a fragrance-free formula if possible

Fragrance, whether it’s synthetic or naturally-derived, can be potentially irritating when used in skincare products. This is especially true for eye creams since the skin around the eyes tends to be more prone to irritation and inflammation. Many derms will say to play it safe and choose a fragrance-free formula if possible.

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