15 Pairs of Ankle Boots That Will Fix Your “I Don’t Have Any Shoes to Match” Problem

15 Pairs of Ankle Boots That Will Fix Your “I Don’t Have Any Shoes to Match” Problem

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Can we get a little commotion for boots? Yes, we’re mid-heat wave at the moment. Fuzzy UGGs and steel-toed stompers aren’t exactly the footwear du jour, but take a step back and think about it. Come September, you’re going to be living exclusively in your combats and platform booties. Ankle boots are simply the best. They look good with tights and leggings; they look good with trousers; they look good with skirts and dresses. I could wax poetic about this wardrobe staple, but I’ll let someone else tell you what’s good.

“From timeless design to edgy, chunky silhouettes—the ankle boot is the ultimate style for everyday use,” says Marie Nilsson Peterzén, creative director, VP, and co-founder of Vagabond Shoemakers. She speaks the truth. Ankle boots really are a do-it-all shoe, one that your closet is simply incomplete without. (P.S. While I have you, I swear by Vagabond’s classic white sneaker.)

Speaking of our tried-and-true shoe labels, Steve Madden is among the crème de la crème. Decade after decade, season after season, Steve Madden never fails to dream up new shoes—of all styles and designs—that are quite literally drool-worthy. So, when the team at SM says ankle boots are a necessity, I believe ankle boots are a necessity. “At Steve Madden, we believe silhouette is key when looking for a good ankle boot,” says the brand’s creative retail director, Christina Ciglar. “Keep an eye out for a form-fitting ankle, stylish toe, and a fun heel to find a perfect boot to wear all season!”

Here, from comfortable selects to mega-platforms, find 15 pairs of ankle boots that we (meaning our editors, experts, and fellow shoppers) rate 10 out of 10.

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Best Overall Ankle Boot

Brooke Boot

  • Versatile
  • Ethically Made
  • Investment Piece

  • Sizes: 35–42 (EU)
  • Material: Leather
  • Style: 3.4” heel; Square toe; Side zipper

“Unique elements such as square toes on a mid-heel boot bring extra sophistication, and sturdy flatform boots pair effortlessly with any outfit,” says Peterzén.

Best Combat Boot

Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots

  • Goes With Everything
  • Lasts Forever
  • Good in All Weather

  • Sizes: 5–12
  • Material: Leather
  • Style: 1.5” platform; 1.8”heel; Side zipper

Customer Review: “There’s absolutely nothing I’d change about them. They are so worth what you pay for them.”

Best Chunky Ankle Boot

Revolt Hi TX

  • Many Colors Available
  • Vegan Leather
  • Durable

  • Sizes: 5–11
  • Material: Leather, Polyester, Die-cut EVA
  • Style: Platform; Side zipper

Customer Review: “Best shoes ever! The boots are very soft, comfortable and beautiful. Palladium never disappoints me.”

Best Chelsea Boot

Laguna Chelsea Boot

  • Waterproof
  • Many Neutral Colorways
  • Wide Sizes Available

  • Sizes: 5–14; Regular or Wide widths
  • Material: Leather, Polyester, Die-cut EVA
  • Style: Pull-on; 1.5” heel

Customer Review: “Love these! After a few wears, the leather does become softer and not as stiff! Super comfy though for all-day wear and goes with so many outfits!!”

Best Waterproof Ankle Boot

Bobbi Rain Boot

  • Many Color Options
  • Vegan
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • 100% Waterproof

  • Sizes: 5–12
  • Material: Natural rubber, Neoprene
  • Style: Pull-on

Customer Review: “I was pleasantly surprised at how COMFORTABLE they are! They are so cushy. One rainy day I hiked 7 miles…through muddy puddles and sheep scat. My feet were warm, dry, and still comfy.”

Best Versatile Ankle Boot

South Bicolor Corn

  • Vegan
  • Sustainable
  • Many Colors & Prints Available

  • Sizes: 35–42 (EU)
  • Material: Corn leather, Recycled materials
  • Style: 3.1” heel, Side zipper

Customer Review: “These are absolutely perfect boots! The silhouette is stunning. The leather is of a beautiful quality. The heel height is tall for a beautiful look but not unwearable at all.”

“It’s the versatility of the ankle boot that makes it special,” per Peterzén.

Best Platform Ankle Boot

Quavo Platform Bootie

  • Half Sizes Available
  • Lug Sole
  • Neutral Colorways
  • Run Small
  • Narrow Ankle Opening

  • Sizes: 5.5–11
  • Material: Leather, Synthetic
  • Style: 2” platform; 3.5” heel; Side zipper

Customer Review: “These boots are the best! Super comfy. Perfect calf sizing (although I have normal size calves). I get compliments every time I wear them!”

Best Black Ankle Boot

Darielle Ankle Boot

  • Affordable
  • Lug Sole
  • Many Colors Available
  • Comfortable

  • Sizes: 5–13
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Style: 2.25” heel; Slip-on

Customer Review: “I wear them to work often while I’m on my feet for 8+ hours, and I’ve yet to have sore feet from them! They’re also lighter than I expected for such a chunky boot and easy to clean.”

Best Wide Fit Ankle Boot

Women’s Ankle Boot

Amazon Essentials

  • Wide & Half Sizes Available
  • Neutral Colorways
  • Memory Foam Insole
  • Affordable

  • Sizes: 5–15
  • Material: Faux suede; Faux leather
  • Style: 2” heel; Side zipper

Customer Review: “These boots are great! The heel is solid and sturdy. I wear a 10, and my feet tend to be wide, and these fit perfectly! I would highly recommend!”

Best High Heeled Ankle Boot


  • On-Trend
  • Half Sizes Available

  • Sizes: 5–11
  • Material: Leather, Synthetic
  • Style: 2.25” Platform; 5” Heel

Customer Review: “I feel so confident in them. They’re a perfect dupe for the Versace boots, and they’re super comfortable. I walked around all day in them with 0 blisters!”

Best Low Heel Ankle Boot

White Chelsea Boots

  • Sizes: 5–11
  • Material: Leather, Lamb’s Wool, Rubber
  • Style: 1” Heel; Square toe; Side zipper

Customer Review: “They are super soft, and the inside is lined with a soft fabric. Heel is a perfect height for style with comfort…They feel like slippers when you wear them.”

Best Leather Ankle Boot

Portwood Heel Boots

  • Sizes: 6–11
  • Material: Leather, Rubber
  • Style: 3.3” Heel; Pull-on

Customer Review: “I’m so in love with them! I do have narrow feet and skinny ankles, and it’s hard for me to find boots this well, so I was pleasantly surprised that they fit perfectly.”

Best Ankle Boot with Fur

Alyssa Boot

  • Half Sizes Available
  • Weatherproof
  • Sock Lining

  • Sizes: 5–12
  • Material: Leather, Shearling, Rubber
  • Style: 1.57” Platform; 2” Heel; Side zipper

Customer Review: “Love these boots! They are warm and comfortable! And super stylish! They have the lug sole, which is super stylish but aren’t super heavy or clunky!”

Best Suede Ankle Boot

Bailey Zip Short

  • Not Totally Weatherproof
  • Casual/Difficult to Style

  • Sizes: 5–12
  • Material: Sheepskin, Wool, Lyocell
  • Style: Side zipper

Customer Review: “The lining is soft and plush, the zippers are a gorgeous accent, and they fit perfectly. I was a bit concerned if they’d fit properly around my larger lower leg, but they do, and I have plenty of room.”

Best Flat Ankle Boot

Women’s Wilde Fashion Boot

  • Sizes: 5–12
  • Material: Lambskin, Wool, Polyester
  • Style: 0.5” Sole; Side zipper

Customer Review: “I have foot issues, and these boots didn’t exacerbate my foot problems, so I am a huge fan. I love the jet black color, the fashionable aspect of these boots…the waterproofing and warmth all in one boot.”

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