18 Movies That Are Perfect For the Fourth of July

18 Movies That Are Perfect For the Fourth of July

Most people might be spending their Fourth of July weekend at a barbecue or submerged in the nearest body of water, but it’s also the perfect time to stay inside in the air conditioning and put on a big, splashy summer movie. And whether you want to watch a movie that’s set on July 4, a film that perfectly captures summertime vibes, or a musical that literally dramatizes just what went down in 1776, we’ve got you covered.

Of course, there’s something like “Hamilton,” which serves as a not-always-historically-accurate history lesson. But maybe you want to relax with a romance like “Safe Haven,” which totally nails those summer-love vibes. Or maybe what you’re really looking for is action and adventure, in which case movies like “Live Free or Die Hard” might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

Ahead, here are 18 of the best movies to watch this Fourth of July, plus where you can find them streaming right now.

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