2 Editors Share Their Favorite Products From Brooklinen’s New Organic Collection

2 Editors Share Their Favorite Products From Brooklinen’s New Organic Collection

Brooklinen Organic Duvet Cover ($178, originally $209)

Much like Brooklinen’s other bedroom essentials, this organic duvet cover combines everything that shoppers love about the brand — comfortability, style, and a thoughtful design — with a more modern silhouette that prioritizes practicality and durability. The product is made from a 100 percent extra-long staple organic cotton material, and features corner ties on each end that help to keep a basic comforter in place.

A few years ago, I swapped out my normal comforter in favor of a classic duvet cover and haven’t looked back since. As a notoriously warm sleeper, I figured this could be a good solution during the warmer months when I might want to shed a few layers, while still being able to bulk my bedspread back up as needed during the winter. I’ve been a fan of Brooklinen’s home products for years, so the moment I heard that the brand was also launching an organic collection with — wait for it — an organic duvet cover made of the most breathable, lightweight, and relaxed fabric, I was already sold. I’ve had this layer on my bed for the last week or so, and it’s been such a dreamy addition to my bedroom.

I opted to try the vanilla colorway in a full size and found that the cover fit on my bed perfectly, with just enough extra space on each side for me to feel comfortable throughout the night. The material is as relaxed as described and has a smooth texture that isn’t necessarily soft to the touch, but is still undeniably comfortable nonetheless. I don’t know if I can chalk it up entirely to my new Brooklinen duvet cover, but I’ve genuinely had the best sleep in months since putting swapping this layer into my bedroom setup, and have a hunch that the cover’s dreamy, cloud-like design is to thank for it.

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