40+ Group Halloween Costumes For the Office

40+ Group Halloween Costumes For the Office

Assembling a group Halloween costume for the office may sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re competing in the annual office Halloween costume contest with your work pals or simply planning for a fun day in the office, we’re here to help your team with office-appropriate, creative costume ideas that stand out, yet require little effort on your part.

Is there a show you and your coworkers love to reference, or a movie you’ve been discussing all year long? Or perhaps, a viral TikTok video or meme that has made the rounds in the office? In our comprehensive list of ideas ahead, you’ll find costumes referencing recent pop culture moments and nostalgia alike, like the splashy Taylor Swift Eras Tour or old Hollywood movie stars. You’ll also see a few punny costumes that’ll get a laugh out of your most serious coworkers — how cute would it be to go as “Spice” Girls? Maybe you’ll even get inspired by more classic costume ideas, such as dressing as good old M&M candies or a colorful bundle of crayons.

Most importantly, these picks are perfectly suitable for the office, so you don’t have to worry about a run-in with HR. Ahead, check out over 40 easy group Halloween costumes that’ll impress your coworkers — and maybe even earn you “best costume” prize. Here’s to working hard and playing harder this Halloween.

Additional reporting by Yerin Kim and Melanie Whyte

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